9 Delicious Recipes to Make on a Teppanyaki Plate

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(Newswire.net — December 15, 2020) — Teppanyaki isn’t a dish but a Japanese cooking style that involves using a “teppan,” a flat iron griddle or plate, to broil, grill, or fry food known as “yaki” in Japanese. 

It’s the diner himself that chooses the seasoning to use from various options available. After that, the teppanyaki chef does the remaining work, where he or she uses his skills and equipment to prepare the dish. 

Just bought a Teppanyaki Plate? Here are nine delicious recipes to make on Teppanyaki Plates

Ginger Sauce

Your teppanyaki meal often contains two sauces, and the first one is a ginger dipping sauce. We feel that this sauce is best paired with freshly cooked teppanyaki vegetables. Many people have a habit of dipping their meat in the ginger sauce, and they say the taste is sumptuous! 

Hamburgers and Sausages 

Nothing beats homemade hamburgers on your Teppanyaki Plate. By making hamburgers and sausages, you can easily cook your meat for a family dinner. Alternatively, you can keep things simple and buy pre-made from the butcher. 

With a pie oven, you can make classic hamburgers.

“Yum Yum” Sauce or White Sauce 

Typically referred to as “yum yum” sauce, white sauce is the creamy white sauce accompanying your teppanyaki meal. Based on your taste preferences, this sauce works fine on just about everything. Many people often dip their chicken and shrimp in the white sauce because it gives an enhanced flavor. 

Others love pouring the white sauce all over their vegetables, rice, with their chosen meats. 

Sunday Breakfast 

Get your bacon, eggs, tomato & hash browns ready, with all of them cooked on the same surface. Just ensure that you set the time for each item based on your preference. You could choose either crispy or lightly browned bacon, grilled or mushy tomato, sunny side up or fried eggs, and lightly toasted or crunchy hash browns — a perfect Sunday breakfast!

Teppanyaki Vegetables

Have your Zucchini and onions ready to prepare something simple yet delicious. You can pair the teppanyaki vegetables with homemade ginger dipping sauce. Want extra nutrition? Consider adding some mushrooms, carrots, or any vegetable you like. 

Teppanyaki Fried Rice

Fried rice is a tasty teppanyaki staple. You’d relish the crunch of the rice, the hint of soy sauce, the delectable combination of eggs and vegetables, and the appetizing flavors. You can enjoy this dish in different ways: on its own, mixed in with your meat, your white sauce (“Yum Yum” sauce), or protein of choice.

Teppanyaki Shrimp

You can take your teppanyaki shrimp with white sauce or ginger sauce. While hosting people in an event, you’ll be amazed at how fast it’ll disappear as your guests savor the meal.

Kebabs and Skewers 

With your Teppanyaki griddle plate, you can enjoy kebabs at mealtime, cooked to perfection. 

Teppanyaki Steak or Chicken 

Select your favorite meat and let the cooking start! You can decide to serve the main course on its own or paired with rice and vegetables to have a complete feast. If you want, you can add the “yum yum” and ginger dipping sauces.

If you’re a diner, have a restaurant, or a cafeteria, a fryer filter machine will make your work a lot easier.

You can take Teppanyaki steak with a warm cocktail to stay cozy all night.

Whether it’s for a commercial teppanyaki grill, entertaining your guests to a luscious meal, or for a mouth-watering Sunday breakfast, your Teppanyaki Plate can do wonders. Outlined above are the nine recipes you make on it for various occasions.   

Teppanyaki is a Japanese cooking style involving a “teppan” — a flat iron griddle or plate, to broil, grill, or fry food called “yaki” in Japanese. In the US, teppanyaki got famous for the activities of the Benihana restaurant chain, which launched its first restaurant in 1964 in New York.