5 Year VPN Plan Fast Secure Reliable Unlimited Bandwidth PureVPN Launched

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Hong Kong VPN service company, PureVPN launched a 5 year VPN plan that provides competitive internet connection speed for secure streaming with its unlimited bandwidth.

PureVPN, a commercial virtual private network service company, launched an affordable five year VPN plan, following its recent inclusion on Lifehacker’s 5 Best VPN Providers of 2019. The company specializes in providing competitive internet connection speed for individuals interested in streaming content.

More information can be found at http://www.purevpnserver.com/

The newly announced VPN plan aims to reach out to users looking for privacy while accessing and downloading data online, without any regional restrictions across various countries like Canada, Australia, and the USA, among others.

Founded in 2007, the company has been consistently working towards achieving customer satisfaction by resolving server congestion, providing split tunneling, DNS leak protection, and universal unblocking. These efforts have led PureVPN to be recognized by CompareCamp as one of the leading VPN providers in the industry with the Rising Star of 2019 award and the Great User Experience award.

As more than 40% of consumers online have become identity fraud victims, online privacy and security have become key in today’s surveillance-era. Studies confirm that personally identifiable information (PII) holds significant value for cyber thieves.

More than 6500 of PureVPN’s high-speed VPN servers have been placed in 140 countries to fulfill its customers’ requirements of robust internet security by providing logless VPN, internet kill switch, and 256bit AES encryption.

PureVPN manages 300,000 IPs while offering unlimited bandwidth, optimized servers support a 10Gbit connection speed, instant access to more than 50 channels including Netflix and Hulu, dedicated servers for secure P2P file sharing, and 24-hour live chat support.

To ensure high standards of service quality and professionalism, PureVPN offers a 31-day money back guarantee on all service plans.

A satisfied customer says, “PureVPN does not store any of your online activities with its no-browsing-logs policy. This company provides one of the fastest and most reliable VPN options, easily ranking among the top VPNs to use. Their friendly customer care representatives are available 24x7x365 and have made it very quick for me to access and download unlimited torrents.”

The company is currently offering an 88% discount on PureVPN’s 5 year plan. Interested parties looking for VPN plan options can find more information by visiting the website at the URL above.