Rancho Mirage CA Refashion Upcycle Clothing Professional Service Launched

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An online and in-store fashion retailer in Rancho Mirage, CA has launched a professional refashion service designed to give a second life to sentimental items that are no longer worn or useful.

A fashion retailer based in Rancho Mirage, CA that aims to inspire and delight its customers has launched a new refashion service. The team at Rancho Relaxo explain the Reworked service aims to give a second life to precious or sentimental items that no longer serve a purpose but are too important to sell, giveaway, or throw out.

Find out more at https://www.ranchorelaxoca.com

The newly launched sustainable Reworked at Rancho Relaxo service is a collaboration with supernatch and can help parents turn their children’s favorite clothing into a stuffed bear or rabbit, or an old bag into a stylish face mask and bunting. Find out more by visiting the company Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ranchorelaxocali.

Rancho Relaxo and the team welcome customers to its physical store near Palm Springs, CA as well as customers online from around the world. They sell fashion, jewelry, clothing, and apparel. The new Reworked service is one way to refashion sentimental items say the team and explain the process.

Firstly, customers are advised to look through their wardrobes to find the precious garments or retro clothing they may have forgotten about. The items must be washed and ready to be reworked before being taken into the store to discuss the customer’s vision for the items.

After this, the team will catalog and ship the items to the Rework Workshop where the transformation process takes place. The supernatch philosophy focuses on the idea that new and useful goods can be created from reclaimed goods with an eye toward current or future trends.

Three steps complete the process and take old, treasured items from something taking up wardrobe space to something useable. Phase one involves planning and picking apart while the next step looks at cutting, piecing, and sewing before the stuffing stage begins.

A representative said: “Whether we’re taking a cast away cashmere and turning it into a squishy and soft bear or lounge pillow, or repairing and adding sequin embroidery to an old pair of Levi’s, the supernatch goal is to always be curating or rescuing and creatively making something great or better out of what is already in the world.”

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visits the links provided. Alternatively, the company Instagram page can be viewed at https://www.instagram.com/ranchorelaxoca.