Multi Surface Cleaning Wipes For The Home Antiseptic Household Cleaner Launched

Photo of author of South Bound Brook, NJ launches a new cleaning wet wipes product. This item uses micro-pockets and a special cleaning agent to quickly cleans any surface in the home.

South Bound Brook, NJ-based announces the addition of a new cleaning product to its homecare line. Clean & Go, a multipurpose cleaning wipe, can be used on all household surfaces to quickly remove dirt, dust, and grime.

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The new product was introduced to help homeowners keep their house clean, especially at a time when families spend most of their time indoors. Moreover, notes that Clean & Go simplifies the cleaning process, allowing people to devote more time to more pressing matters.

Studies show that there are over 9,000 species of pathogens in the average home, some of which can cause serious illnesses. As such, highlights the need for regular cleaning to keep family members healthy.

Clean & Go is offered as a triple-pack of canisters that each contain 40 wipes. These can be used in any part of the home and on any surface, including kitchen counters and bathroom walls.

The wipes feature a micro-pocket that effectively catches particles, even from slick surfaces such as granite countertops. A special cleaning agent also removes grime, leaving surfaces looking clean and polished after wiping.

Each canister has an easy-to-open flippable lid on the top which makes pulling out the sanitizing wipes easier. And because Clean & Go comes in a set, it is the ideal gift for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays.

Aside from removing pathogens from the house, cleaning with Clean & Go wipes can also remove common allergens such as pollen, dust, and dander. Furthermore, regularly wiping down surfaces can improve air quality inside the home. is a leading online retailer that offers a wide range of products in the home, beauty, clothing, and electronics categories. By adding Clean & Go to its roster of products, it aims to help make housekeeping easier for harried homeowners.

A spokesperson says: “We’re excited to introduce this effective sanitizing cleaning wipes to our customers. With it, they can spend less time cleaning the home and more time making memories with their family.”

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