Travel Hand Sanitizer Wholesale Portable Gel PPE For Public Spaces Launched

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A range of portable hand sanitizer products have been launched. The Ultimate Deals team explain they are ideal for business owners, organizations and individuals who want to stay safe over winter.

A new range of wholesale travel hand sanitizer products designed to keep employees and customers safe over the festive period has been launched. Ultimate Deals explains the new range is ideal for use in public spaces and outlets including salons, grocery stores, and restaurants.

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The newly launched range offers bulk value to individuals and business owners alike. The Ultimate Deals team explain the alcohol hand sanitizer is ideal for quickly and efficiently killing germs and bacteria on hands. The team add that this is crucial as aside from the current health crisis there are common colds and the winter flu season to contend with.

Travel sized and portable, the hand sanitizer is ideal for use in offices and schools as it does not take up a lot of space and can be used frequently as it does not dry out or irritate skin. Additionally, it is ideal for use in the reception areas of clinics and medical facilities as using it can help reduce the number of harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

A good substitute for soap and water, the fast-drying hand sanitizer is ideal for the prevention of germs spreading whether at large events indoors or outdoors, or in gyms, banks, and hospitality venues. The team explain that unlike other products, users can control the amount of sanitizer gel they apply to their hands.

The affordable range is reflective of wholesale prices to ensure as many individuals as possible, business owners, and organizations can purchase the supplies they require to keep their customers, employees, and patients safe over winter. The products are 70% alcohol based and can be purchased in a 24-pack containing 500ml bottles.

A spokesperson said: “It is almost necessary nowadays to have a hand sanitizer liquid gel handy with you at all times. These small hand sanitizer bottles are the perfect solution as they are small and yet pack a lot of alcohol gel hand sanitizer in them. They are great for customers to use at car dealerships, stores, restaurants, bars, and more.”

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