Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes Multipurpose Surface Disinfectant Range Launched

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A new range of anti-bacterial wet wipes designed to be used on the go have been launched. The team at Ultimate Deals explain the resealable pouches contain 70 wipes and are ideal for use anywhere.

A new range of anti-bacterial wet wipes for multiple surfaces has been launched ahead of the holidays. The team at Ultimate Deals explain the wipes are convenient to carry and easy to use on the go, which makes them the ideal discreet personal protective item.

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The newly launched range of sanitizing wipes are designed to ensure hands always remain clean, whether people are at home, work, or traveling. The team explain the wholesale pack has been developed with affordability and health in mind as it includes three pouches, each containing 70 wipes.

Aside from discreetly fitting in a handbag, the pouch can also be carried in a car, auto glove compartment, or school bag. The Ultimate Deals team add that they are the ideal substitute when soap and water are not available.

Skin is soothed and moisturized by the aloe within the wipes as the team understand how harsh alternative products can be on the skin. The team add the essential wipes are ideal for everyone, from seniors, families, young children, and adults.

Part of the appeal of the wipes is the fact the pouches are resealable, which makes them ideal for use on the go explain the team. They add the wipes are a good alternative to liquid hand sanitizers that may spill into a purse, pouch, bag, pocketbook, or briefcase.

Features of the disinfectant wipes include the fact they leave a pleasant smell, act quickly to reduce the possibility of germs, bacteria, and pathogens spreading, and they are not sticky to the touch. Additionally, the biodegradable wipes are alcohol-free and are safe to use before cooking and eating.

A reviewer wrote: “Since the health crisis I have been unable to find anti-bacterial wipes. I work in front of a computer for eight to 12 hours a day doing data entry and although I used to carry my own wipes, I now must rely on my employer, but we are only allowed one wipe and I prefer to carry my own. Now my hands, desk, and keyboard get conditioned – these wipes are worth the money.”

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