Festive Mini Bows Decorations For Gifts Craft Projects And Showpieces Launched

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A range of festive mini bows has been launched ahead of Christmas. The Season 4 Sparkles team explain the bows are ideal for gifts or home craft projects that embrace the festive spirit.

A new range of festive mini bows has been launched in time for the holidays. The Season 4 Sparkles team at WG Wholesale explain the Mini Christmas Bows are elegant and enhance gift wrapping as well as adding décor to showpieces, picture frames, and other items in the home quickly and efficiently.

View the range in full at https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Decorations-Presenting-Birthdays-Season/dp/B08KHMRL9B

The newly launched range features multi-colored metallic star shaped bows that can be easily stuck on gifts or around the home. The team explain the bows include a self-adhesive backing meaning they are simple to peel and stick.

No tape is necessary, and each pack contains 120 pieces with six assorted colors including fuchsia, blue, red, silver, gold, and green. The metallic gloss design ensures the bows look bright and shiny in any light. Additionally, they are made from durable and sturdy material to ensure the bows hold their shape.

Waterproof and lightweight, the Season 4 Sparkles team explain the colorful mini bows are convenient, timesaving, and add to the festive ambiance surrounding Christmas.

They add that they aside from being stuck to gifts, the bows can be stuck around windows, on tables, walls, furniture, and other places within the home, whether to decorate before the holidays or to create a festive space for families to come together.

They can also be used for crafting projects such as DIY wreaths, garlands, clothes, and table decorations, which can be a good activity for children over the holiday period explain the team.

As well as decorative items, the Season 4 Sparkles team explain they stock a range of Christmas Pillow Covers, a Six Piece Set of Buffalo Plaid Christmas Decorations, and a 100 Pieces Set Kraft Paper Christmas Tags with String bundle.

A recent reviewer wrote: “These tiny bows are extremely useful. They are well made, and the ribbon does not unravel. The adhesive strip on the back that they stick to packages with is very sticky meaning the bows will not fall off. You get a nice assortment of colors and 120 bows – this is great value.”

To find out more and view the range in full, interested parties are invited to visit the link provided here: https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Decorations-Presenting-Birthdays-Season/dp/B08KHMRL9B