Biblical Christian Online Documentary On Jesus Christ For The Holidays Launched

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From December 15th people will have access to a newly launched biblical Christian documentary series designed to help them deepen their faith and find comfort during challenging times.

A biblical documentary series called Christ Revealed has been launched in a bid to offer hope during the festive season to people around the world. The team behind the series explain they have partnered with Revealed Films to share the truth about Jesus Christ.

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The newly launched online documentary combines evidence from historians alongside interviews, forensics, and world-renowned experts. The team explain Christ Revealed seeks to prove the actual, factual existence of Jesus.

Although serious scholars and historians embarked on a journey to ‘debunk’ the story of Jesus, the team explain they ended up taking a profound and life-changing journey. People who view the online series, which begins on December 15th, can expect to virtually travel to Jerusalem from the comfort of their homes.

Viewers will discover all there is to know about Christ from a unique perspective they may have never experienced. The team add viewers can expect to learn about Christ, His life, His ministry, His followers, and His impact on the world and humanity.

It is the ideal documentary series for the festive period explain the team as it can bring people together, whether they are devout and simply want to learn more about Jesus Christ, or if their faith is waning and they want to deepen it.

During the series, the makers will include research that will take the viewer on an unexpected journey in what they describe as a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. During the nine-day viewing special, a new episode will be released each day and will explore the innermost regions of the Holy Land.

A representative said: “This is your opportunity to experience Jesus Christ like never before, whether you are a skeptic, or a true Christian, this series is for you.”

“Team up with us now to experience the life and message of Jesus Christ yourself as we celebrate Christmas. Take just a few moments each day for the next nine days as Christ Revealed shares a new episode with you and your family every evening,” they added.

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