How To Win on Blackjack on Christmas Eve

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( — December 17, 2020) — Now that Christmas is around the corner, we are all in a festive mood and plan the special days ahead. Some of us will traditionally play cards hoping that the new year will start with more money in our wallets. If you plan to have fun playing blackjack, we have some tips here that’ll help you out.

Learn the rules of blackjack

Take the time to learn the basic rules of blackjack online. The truth is that the general rules of the game are relatively easy and understandable. However, there are small differences per casino in some aspects of the game, such as how much the blackjack is paid for when doubling is allowed if the dealer stops at soft 1. You need to know them and be prepared.

Learn the basic strategy

You need to know the basic strategy of the game. Blackjack is a game based on math and odds. There are no blackjack secrets. So, in every decision, there is right and wrong. Find out and practice at home playing blackjack for free at an online casino. Do not worry about what your neighbor did; do not listen to your instinct. Learn when to pull and when to stop in every possible scenario. When to double and when to split. This is how you will have done your “debt.” From there on, you want a little luck.

Manage your capital wisely

Before you start playing, decide what capital you will play and what you are willing to lose. Do not risk the money you have for other obligations. Also, set a realistic goal, and if you achieve it, stop immediately and enjoy the wonderful feeling of victory. Greed never leads to good. In case you do not know much about bankroll management, i.e., how much money to bet each time, or the total capital you will play, do not worry as we will analyze this later.

Why do most people lose at blackjack?

They do not fully understand the rules and strategy of blackjack.

They have no strategy, or do not follow their original plan.

They have not set a game time frame before.

Their capital does not correspond to the amounts they bet.

Did you know that casinos, based on statistics, hold 20% of the money players use to gamble? This is due to undercapitalization. That is, they take 50 or 100 dollars with them, they bet ten at a time, and as soon as they lose it, they leave. So, the casino has the advantage of fluctuation. What this means, is that he will continue to play when he loses 5 or 10 times in a row. While 95% of the players, when found in the unfavorable fluctuation, will go home. For this reason, proper capital management is essential. 

How to bet on blackjack

Decide what capital you will allocate. Then divide it into units. If your money is $1,000 and you want to bet $10, you have 100 points. 

Do not start playing unless you have at least 50 points. The ideal number of units is 100.

Do not play for more than 3 hours. Fatigue can reduce your resistance.

Do not increase the bet when you lose.

When you win, increase your bet to 1.5 points. When the wins stop, return it to 1 unit.

Do not spend your profits. Add them to your wallet and boast about it as it grows.

When you reach your initial goal, stop immediately even if you did not “get enough” of the game.

Will these tips make you a sure winner?

Mathematically, no. Do not forget that you are playing a game where the odds, even marginal, are to your detriment. However, by observing the above, within a time frame of 3 hours, and provided that you have some positive streaks, you have several chances to leave a winner, or if you want, much more than you would have played as a simple tourist in Las Vegas …