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Omegasonics based in Simi Valley, CA announces its range of ultrasonic cleaners in different sizes and options. They aim to make cleaning faster, efficient, and cost-saving for their customers.

Omegasonics based in Simi Valley, CA announces its ultrasonic cleaning equipment for a solvent-free world. They have a large selection of industrial ultrasonic cleaners in a range of sizes and options.

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With this announcement the company aims to ensure that its clients are able to reduce labor and chemical disposal costs, eliminate the use of dangerous solvents in workplaces, continually improve the quality of the products, and reduce downtime. They wish to make buying industrial ultrasonic cleaners easier for the customers.

According to Omegasonics, most of the earlier manufacturers focused on large, multi-stage systems that are automated by robotics to clean parts. This required all the manufactured parts with specialized operators to move to one centralized cleaning location.

This company has instead taken a different approach to simplify equipment, to enable anyone in the facility to clean cell parts easily at reasonable pricing. It takes only a minute to train an operator to use their equipment. The equipment is built in the USA with plug and play components that can be repaired by factory technicians quickly.

The industrial ultrasonic cleaners from Omegasonics provide consistency and clean precision parts at a repeatable level, faster than traditional cleaning methods, and only at a fraction of existing labor costs. They hasten the cleaning time of the manufactured parts so that they can save time by quickly moving to either the next process of manufacturing or out the shipping door.

These efficient industrial ultrasonic cleaners include fully insulated stainless steel tanks which are customized according to the client’s specific needs. It comes with an exterior Hammertone color and stainless steel frame construction depending on product. The cleaners from Omegasonics have a built-in thermostatic system to adjust the heat and a digital timer to control ultrasound. The ultrasound is at a frequency of 40KHz with sweep and also has a dual cartridge filtration with a spray bar.

Omegasonics is launching several new product offerings next year to the 3D market to eliminate the use of soluble support materials from FDM manufactured parts, that will reduce warping and improve the cleaning process. To reduce the dyeing times of 3D thermoplastic products, they are introducing a thermal dyeing station. They will be introducing ultrasonic cleaners for medical surgical devices based on their easy-to-operate system.

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