Shenandoah TX Flotation Therapy Pain And Anxiety Management Services Launched

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Blissful Waters Float Center in Shenandoah TX launched an expanded range of sensory deprivation therapy services for patients experiencing chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia and lupus.

Blissful Waters Float Center in Shenandoah, Texas has launched an updated range of flotation and sensory deprivation therapy services. Using the Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique, or REST, the center offers patients a non-medication alternative treatment for chronic pain and other health conditions.

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The newly updated services aim to provide a method of symptom reduction for a range of physical ailments, including fibromyalgia, arthritis, inflammation, and lupus. Research has also shown the therapy’s effectiveness in improving mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

REST involves an individual lying supine in a dark, sound-reduced tank while immersed in a saline solution that increases the density of the water and allows flotation. By reducing both muscle tension and strain in a relatively short amount of time and without effort on the part of the patient, this method plays a significant role at several stages of the pain and stress management process.

At Blissful Waters Float Center, patients can choose to undergo either a 60 or 90-minute float session, in which they can rest and rejuvenate without distractions in Epsom salt-saturated water tanks. Each float takes place in a private suite designed to increase comfort and relaxation.

The practice of floating is shown to have a learning curve and accumulation effect, meaning that the more often one does it, the better and more effective the treatment becomes. For patients looking to experience flotation therapy regularly, the center offers a number of packages and membership options.

Blissful Waters Float Center’s sensory deprivation therapy services are available to residents of nearby East Texas areas including Spring, Magnolia, Splendora, New Waverly, Conroe, Willis, and Tomball.

In addition to their flotation capsules, the family-owned business offers an O2 Oxygen Bar, health coaching services, and weekly Yoga Nidra classes.

A satisfied patient said: “I floated for the first time today and it was an amazing experience. The staff took me step-by-step through the process and made me feel very comfortable. With my heavy workout load, the Epsom salts soothed my muscle pains. I have never felt this relaxed.”

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