Childrens Chairs Handmade Sturdy Personalized Heirloom Piece Gift Idea Released

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Kozy Kids Chairs has released its line of handmade, uniquely crafted children’s chairs. The designer has over 50 years of experience and the products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Kozy Kids Chairs has released a line of furniture uniquely designed for children. Each piece is handmade, personalized, and embroidered with the child’s name. The chairs are made to be passed down from one generation to the next.

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This release allows loved ones the opportunity to give the children in their lives a piece of furniture designed to last. Each chair is backed by a lifetime warranty and is made to become a family heirloom.

Gladys Silurus, the lead designer, has over five decades of experience in furniture design and production. Whether it is a delicate fold of fabric or an artistic piping element, every stitch plays an integral role in the end product. Her work may be followed at

The company offers many styles of children’s furniture including the Scarlet Velvet or Black Crushed Velvet Slumber Lounge and the Primrose Slumber Lounge. Other selections are the Caboose Chair, Blue Damascus Buddy Chair, Rouge Club Chair, Seaside Rocker, Jungle Chair, and the Custom Kozy Kids Chair.

The holiday favorite this year is the Color Wheel Chair. This colorful item creates a spot where children can both learn and relax. It is handmade of sturdy wood and covered with multicolored vinyl. The chair back is created from a repurposed, antique theatre seat and can be accompanied by the Color Wheel Ottoman.

Both the chair and the ottoman are useful for teaching a child their primary as well as intermediate colors. They are durable and easy to clean, making this set a favorite for busy caretakers.

Each Kozy Kids Chair arrives with the child’s name embroidered on a label. This identifies him or her as the official owner of the chair. Pricing is based on the level of craftsmanship, material, and durability. The chairs are intended to be kept by the buyers and passed down for generations.

A company spokesman said, “It’s all in the details. Every stitch matters and helps to create a piece of furniture that is not only enduring but also aesthetically pleasing.”

The release of these quality children’s chairs enables loved ones to give a practical gift that is designed for durability and practicality.

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