2021 Earth & Environment Holiday Social Media Calendar & Planner Announced

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Holiday Smart, an online resource for holidays and observations worldwide, has announced the launch of its 2021 Earth & Environment Holiday Calendar & Planner.

Holiday Smart, an online resource for holiday and observance information around the world, has just announced the launch of the 2021 Earth & Environment Holiday Calendar.

More details can be found at https://media.holidaysmart.com/holiday-marketing-calendar-earth

The newly announced product aims to provide an easy way to keep track of holidays that celebrate the Earth and environment and make it easier to observe these days on social media for more engagement.

The 2021 Earth & Environment Holiday Calendar & Planner, together with the Daily Holiday Social Media Marketing Toolkit, are designed to help clients stay on top of relevant holidays with trending hashtags and tips to increase social media engagement and expand their reach.

The idea behind the Earth & Environment Calendar & Planner is to celebrate the Earth and environment and remind others to appreciate and protect the most precious resource humankind has.

The Calendar Planner enables the client to plan out their complete year of Earth & Environment awareness and appreciation holidays on social media. The planner includes prompts and ideas, and popular hashtags to help clients increase their reach.

The Calendar recommends Earth and environment holidays that are proven to work and grow engagement while also providing a comprehensive list promoting more unique holidays. The package includes a list of over 1000 daily holidays and observances and 365 days of planned social media holiday post ideas.

The newly announced product is in line with the company’s commitment to bringing an understanding across cultures and beliefs by sharing stories, ideas, insights, inspiration, and information.

Holiday Smart is a trusted online resource for holiday and observance information used by clients worldwide. The company’s goal is to unite the world through holidays and celebrations. With years of experience, Holiday Smart has become a leading expert in holidays and observances across the planet.

The company’s mission statement says: “We love to celebrate, we share the most comprehensive database of daily fun, funky and noteworthy holidays. These are the unofficial days that give us a daily reason to celebrate something fun.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website or at https://media.holidaysmart.com/calendar-purchase-earth-toolkit.