Oral Hygiene Natural Fluoride Free Sensitivity Whitening Toothpastes Launched

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Masik fluoride-free toothpaste is available to buy on the Bussani online shop. The newly launched products contain natural ingredients that protect and clean teeth.

Bussani, an online retailer that specializes in oral hygiene products has launched a new range of fluoride-free toothpaste, made with dead sea salts and essential oils.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting https://bussani-online.com/collections/oral-hygiene

There are two fluoride-free kinds of toothpaste included in the launch, the fluoride-free toothpaste in mint, and the fluoride-free toothpaste in lemongrass.

Both of the products are made with all-natural ingredients which include 65 percent sea salt and essential oils for sensitive teeth. They’re also kosher-friendly, made with no SLS, and have FDA approved

The tubes of toothpaste are manufactured in Israel by Masik, a company that uses high quality, pure, raw, and natural ingredients in its products. They contain calcium carbonate, magnesium, glycerol, honey, lavender oil, whitening lemongrass oil, orange oil, and tea tree oil, and are fluoride-free.

The range is free from chemicals and provides an array of oral hygiene benefits which include sensitivity relief, treatment for bad breath, plaque removal, cavity protection, and gingivitis prevention.

The recently launched kinds of toothpaste also provide teeth whitening benefits, by cleaning the teeth and removing stains.

Both kinds of toothpaste promote oral health by reducing the risk of gingivitis and protecting the teeth from fungus and decay. They also prevent cavities, reduce bleeding gums, and refresh the breath with a herbal mint flavor.

They have a concentrated non-foamy formula which is effective at healing gum inflammation and providing fast pain relief. The toothpaste is gentle on the teeth and the natural ingredients make the product suitable for individuals with sensitive teeth and gums.

The newly released fluoride-free toothpaste is available to purchase from the website in 65g tubes. They are available to buy in several currencies and customers can use PayPal and other payment methods to make their purchase. They can expect to receive their order in three to eight days.

Bussani is an online shop that provides a range of oral hygiene, kitchen, and baby products. Their products include fluoride-free toothpaste, garlic presses, hummus cookbooks, and natural deodorants and skincare.

More information on the launch of fluoride-free toothpaste can be found by visiting the URL above.