Portland Happiness Life Coach 2021 Schedule Planner Gratitude Journal Released

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Portland based healthy lifestyle expert 4 Happy U has launched their new schedule planner and gratitude journal, designed to help people adopt daily happiness practices and organizational skills.

4 Happy U, a lifestyle expert, has recently launched the 4 Happy U 2021 schedule planner and gratitude journal, an organizational and personal resource informed by the science of happiness and designed to help people adopt daily joyful practices.

More information is available at https://4happyu.com

The 4 Happy U 2021 Schedule Planner and Gratitude Journal teaches people how to adopt daily gratitude practices and happiness-boosting activities, in addition to supporting organizational skills. 4 Happy U suggests that fostering regular happiness practices can impact other aspects of daily life, including improved productivity, creativity, cognitive performance, and resilience.

Moreover, raising a person’s happiness levels can alleviate strain on their relationships, work, and health, making them more likely to achieve personal and professional goals. The newly launched planner and journal is designed to rewire brain pathways using daily and weekly affirmations that motivate positivity.

The planner is an excellent gift for somebody looking to find daily joy in their life, or for people that want to improve their organization and time management. 4 Happy U indicate that a person’s happiness is 40% determined by their actions and behavior, which suggests that happiness can be learned through daily practices and joy-boosting activities.

These behaviors may include practicing mindfulness and meditation, as well as regular acts of kindness and gratitude exercises. In addition to the standard 4 Happy U 2021 schedule planner and gratitude journal, 4 Happy U are launching an edition for the 2021-2022 school year, designed to support happiness in students of all ages.

Specifically produced with student life in mind, the planner and journal system can help young people to organize their school year, practice joyful activities, and achieve their educational outcomes. The happiness schedule planner and gratitude journal has been created using the science of happiness and is designed to help people foster joy in their lives in 2021.

This newly launched planner aims to not only affect change in the coming year, but to create permanent positive change in people’s life outlook and improve their happiness long term. 4 Happy U produces a range of products and programs intended to improve organization, support emotional wellbeing, and identify effective happiness-boosting activities.

The new journal and planner, which has been specially curated by a certified happiness life coach, contains scientific data on improving happiness levels, daily positive affirmations, and information on creating healthy habits.

More information about pricing and contact details is available at the URL above.