Professional Women seeking Work-Life Balance Find Support in New Community

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An online community has launched in a bid to provide a space for professional women to connect. The We Power Global team explain the community offers support to women who seek work-life balance while advancing their personal and professional goals.

A community made by women for women has launched in a bid to provide a safe space for professional women to connect, learn, share, and thrive. We Power Global is redefining work-life balance for women while also focusing on what it means to be a boss through innovation, knowledge sharing, thought-leadership, and connection.

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The newly launched community offers members access to benefits and support. The We Power Global team explain the advantages of membership include the fact there is access to upskill training, coaching, curated content, funding opportunities, networking events, and sisterhood. More details can be viewed at

L Michelle Allen is an experienced business analyst and the founder of the community. She explains many women are struggling to survive superwoman syndrome as they are trapped between societal expectations and their desire to take care of their family while also being successful at work.

Add in the constant fight for equal pay she explains it is no surprise women are finding it hard to say ‘no’ to demands to be constantly available, while managing a personal life. She adds that ‘always on’ culture made her feel guilty about leaving work at 5pm to spend time with her family.

She explains that things changed when her daughter had a health scare, and she was rewarded at work for putting her projects first. This incident caused her to realize that it is easy to cross the lines that people say they will never cross.

The sacrifices here and there that seem insignificant can lead to bigger sacrifices in a bid to keep up with the constant pressure to be enough and stay relevant in the workplace the team add.

A spokesperson said: “There are steps you can take to live a more balanced life. Your family does not need superwoman, they need you. Set expectations for your colleagues that family time is non-negotiable. Schedule a set time each week to do something for yourself – unrelated to work or parenting.”

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