La Center WA Dry Eye Symptoms Causes Complications Treatment Ebook Launched

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La Center, WA-based Your Dry Eye Solution announces the launch of a comprehensive ebook that discusses the symptoms, causes, complications, and possible treatments for dry eye disease.

Your Dry Eye Solution, based in La Center, WA, announces the launch of a new ebook on dry eyes. It provides a comprehensive resource that familiarizes readers with its symptoms, while also offering potential treatments for dry eyes.

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The report was released in light of the growing number of Americans who suffer from dry eyes, which now stands at 16 million. The company adds that of these, about 6 million are undiagnosed.

By releasing the report, Your Dry Eye Solution aims to create broader awareness for a condition that often goes untreated. The new ebook is free to download—interested parties need only to provide their email address and the material will be delivered straight to their inbox.

It provides an in-depth look at dry eye disease to help current and potential sufferers make better informed decisions about treatment. The report starts with a list of symptoms which can help readers determine if they possibly have dry eyes.

The ebook then proceeds to discussing the main causes of dry eye disease, both biological and external. There is also a section on risk factors that may contribute to the development of this condition.

It also discusses the possible complications of leaving dry eyes untreated, such as infections and eye damage. The ebook then offers advice on preventing dry eyes to prevent the onset of such complications.

The last section offers possible treatments that sufferers can try to address dry eye disease. These include lifestyle changes, over-the-counter medications, and non-invasive procedures, among others.

Your Dry Eye Solution says that today’s always-on lifestyle, where people’s eyes are constantly trained to a screen, has contributed to the rise of dry eye disease. Hence, there is a need for freely available resources that tackle the condition.

A representative from the company says: “Everyone who thinks they have dry eyes should download this free resource. As is the case with many medical conditions, the earlier it is diagnosed the better.”

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