Montreal Online Personal Trainer With Customized Workout Plans Service Launched

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Online fitness training is available at the Montreal-based Astero Fitness. The program offers motivation to clients in the forms of time flexibility, session convenience, and customized coaching.

Astero Fitness has launched its online personalized training program. Through this mode of instruction, the Montreal, Canada-based company aims to make one’s fitness goals achievable in the easiest way possible.

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The newly announced service comprises a time-saving workout routine that suits the needs of individual clients. It also includes customized workout plans without the added pressure that one is used to at the hands of regular personal trainers.

The founder of the company created the program with the understanding that no client wants to work under a trainer who pressures them and makes them uncomfortable. From her training experience, she has found that people got better fitness results when their sessions were more convenient for them. This is especially true for online-based sessions.

“Achieving your fitness goals shouldn’t have to feel like an impossible task. At Astero Fitness, we noticed that we feel more motivated and train better when working out is easy to implement,” the founder surmises.

She also explained her understanding that working out should be both intense and exciting, instead of boring and discouraging. When one is encouraged by one’s workout routines, they become part of a lifelong habit and can improve one’s health for years to come.

Astero Fitness’ program is carried out in three steps. Step one entails talking to a trainer to establish one’s fitness goals.

The second step involves getting a personalized training plan, every week, to suit one’s fitness goals. And the final step deals with meeting with one’s trainer weekly for training. With the program, one also has the option of choosing how many times per week to meet with one’s coach.

Astero Fitness offers both online and in-person fitness sessions. During the final step, clients would normally have the opportunity of choosing between the two modes of assistance. However, due to the current pandemic situation, only online sessions (via zoom) are available.

Fees for the training depends on the number of times per week that one chooses to have these sessions take place. As such, payments can be made via the Starter pack (one time a week, monthly), the Pro pack (two times per week, monthly), and the VIP package (three sessions per week, monthly).

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