Printable Holiday Greeting Card Personalized Coloring Activity Launched

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Online shop Joyfulle launched an updated range of printable holiday cards in black and white and full color that can be inserted into the retailer’s handmade jewelry gift orders.

Joyfulle, an online jewelry retailer and gift shop, has released a new collection of printable greeting cards in preparation for the upcoming holiday season. The company’s handmade gift packages are designed to spread a message of positivity and hope to each recipient.

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The new complimentary cards aim to provide customers with a meaningful and personalized gift option for a range of holidays and occasions, including Thanksgiving, Halloween, Father’s Day, confirmations, and birthdays.

Joyfulle’s founder, Alex, draws inspiration for his collections from Christian principles. With visible representations of scripture, he strives to open opportunities for customers to share their stories and love for Jesus with others.

The online retailer’s handcrafted jewelry line includes pendant necklaces created specifically for mothers, fathers, teachers, nurses, and people of the Christian faith. Each piece in the shop’s collection is accompanied by a gift card featuring inspirational messages of hope, unity, and spirituality.

Customers can now choose to download and print their own customizable message card to insert into their Joyfulle gift order. The array of free printables is available on the company’s website in both full color and, for individuals looking for an indoor coloring activity, black and white.

The online retailer updates its selection of greeting cards weekly, allowing patrons to browse through a variety of new styles and texts. Individuals can receive notifications about upcoming releases by signing up for the Joyfulle email newsletter.

When finished printing, customers can find video instructions for inserting their personalized greeting cards into a Joyfulle gift package at

The latest product release is in line with Joyfulle founder Alex’s mission to offer sentimental displays of spiritual affirmation and uplifting Christian scripture.

A spokesperson for the company said: “At Joyfulle, it is our hope and desire to spread the message of God’s love toward all of humankind while presenting a positive message to each recipient of our product line. We strive to offer words of hope to others, with words that unify and lift the message of Jesus.”

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