US Archery and Bowmanship Olympic Practical and Legal Advice Service Launched

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Online US presence The Bow Guy has launched a new comprehensive advice section on his website, offering archery enthusiasts with the latest technical, practical and legal guidance.

The Bow Guy, better known as US archery expert Nathan Derricks, has now expanded his already comprehensive website to include a new advice section, providing both budding and experienced archers with advice on how to practice archery safely and legally.

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The launch of this new advice page coincides with the lead up to Summer Olympics, now to be held in July and August 2021 in Tokyo, and a time where many Americans are looking to pick up an exciting new sport.

In particular Derricks is now offering interested readers a full guide to the legislation surrounding practicing archery on both public and private land; regulations which can be surprisingly complex. The new site also features clear step by step instructions to help archers stay on the right side of the law.

Given that archery is often a very social sport, The Bow Guy’s new information service can also help archers to connect with local clubs and institutions across all US states. These clubs can also provide archers with legal, safe and regulated spaces to hone their craft among their fellow athletes.

In addition to this detailed advice service The Bow Guy website continues to offer archery enthusiasts with bias free bow buying guides, guides to bow storage, information on how to make your own arrows and everything in between. There is also a special section for kids’ archery designed to help support safe practices from a young age.

Nathan Derricks has taken part in bow hunting through multiple seasons, participated in many rigorous archery competitions and has spent the better part of his life since the age of fourteen perfecting his skills. His mission with The Bow Guy is to provide a free resource of consistently excellent quality for all things archery, stemming from his vast experience and personal love of the sport.

As Derricks said in his mission statement, “from the best bows to the deep-rooted history of archery, maintenance and gear information and beyond, I’ve got your back every step of the way.”

Interested parties can access more information by visiting the website above.