Reno NV Functional Medicine Pain Relief Zoom Phone Telemedicine Services Launch

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Reno Alternative Medicine, available at 775-827-6901, has launched virtual telemedicine and health coaching services for patients suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, and other health issues.

Reno Alternative Medicine, located in Reno, Nevada, has launched new telemedicine and health coaching services via Zoom or by phone. The clinic treats patients who suffer from health problems such as adrenal fatigue, anxiety, depression, sleeping difficulties, headaches, food sensitivities, and more.

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The newly announced virtual services come as a safety precaution in the wake of the current pandemic for individuals who are unable to visit the clinic in-person. During the remote session, patients can receive dietary advice, recommendations for herbal and vitamin supplements, and additional treatment options at no extra cost.

Dr. Bruce Eichelberger, the founder of Reno Alternative Medicine, specializes in the use of functional medicine in treating health issues. Functional medicine is a sub-type of alternative medicine that focuses specifically on improving health, balancing energy, and increasing mental focus through the use of nutrition, optimal food choices, and emotional balance.

After battling chronic pain himself, Dr. Eichelberger dedicated years of his life to finding a natural remedy for his ailments. This journey led him to functional medicine, which eliminated his pain completely in 18 months.

Dr. Eichelberger believes that getting to the root cause of a medical issue is the most effective way of finding treatment. With over 48 years of experience in alternative medicine, he offers patients relief to their pain or fatigue through holistic methods like acupuncture and Metabolic Typing.

Confident that he can effectively improve patients’ health and quality of life, Dr. Eichelberger offers a 7-Point Patient Satisfaction Guarantee.

One satisfied patient said: “Bruce is an incredibly compassionate and talented provider. I have had amazing results from his acupuncture, including months of pain relief for a very sore hip after just one treatment. He has amazing energy work skills and is good at explaining things on a simple level. I have come back this year for assistance with improved energy and health.”

Interested patients can contact Reno Alternative Medicine at the above URL or call the office at (+1) 775-827-6901.