Dual Diagnosis Residential Drug Rebab Treatment Mental Health Service Launched

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Mountain Peak Recovery has launched its dual diagnosis mental disorder and substance abuse residential treatment center in Provo, Utah. It helps people suffering from addiction achieve sobriety.

Mountain Peak Recovery has launched its dual diagnosis mental disorder and substance abuse residential and outpatient treatment center in Provo, Utah. The center helps people suffering from addiction achieve lasting sobriety.

More information is available at https://www.mountainpeakrecovery.com.

The newly launched service uses a wealth of activities and therapeutic modalities to help people suffering from addiction. Mountain Peak Recovery uses all of the latest resources to provide the best possible form of addiction treatment to help ensure a strong, healthy, lasting addiction recovery.

Dual diagnosis involves diagnoses for substance-induced feeling disorders along with substance-induced anxiety disorders. Due to its complicated nature, diagnoses of primary psychiatric dual diagnosis disorders should not be forced in the lack of sobriety. An adequate duration is needed to allow for any substance-induced, post-acute-withdrawal indicators to dissipate up to 1 year. Read more about dual diagnosis here https://www.mountainpeakrecovery.com/dual-diagnosis-disorder.

The causality theory for dual diagnosis implies that certain kinds of substance abuse can causally lead to mental disease. There is strong evidence that using cannabis can produce psychotic and affective encounters.

However, this connection between cannabis and psychosis does not establish that cannabis causes psychotic dual diagnosis disorders. The causality idea for cannabis was challenged since despite explosive increases in cannabis consumption in the past 40 years in western culture, the rate of schizophrenia and psychosis has remained relatively stable.

Treating clients with a dual diagnosis of a mental health condition combined with an addictive disorder requires an intensive, integrated approach to therapy. Mountain Peak Recovery’s residential rehab centers provide a structured environment for those individuals who face unique challenges in their journey to recovery.

At Mountain Peak Recovery’s residential treatment centers the stress and distractions of everyday life are removed, so clients can commit their time and attention to learning new coping abilities and building a stronger sense of self-worth. These residential communities are ideal for clients who desire a long-term course of treatment to restore their emotional and psychological health.

For more information about Mountain Peak Recovery visit https://www.mountainpeakrecovery.com/contact-us or call 801-824-8829 or go directly to our facilities at: (RTC) = https://goo.gl/maps/CQywDw6XadPqeXqB8 or (IOP) = https://goo.gl/maps/aqK7WzqCL2WqsgJ8A.