Reno Acupuncture Metabolic Typing Functional Medicine Health Clinic Launched

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An alternative medicine practice using acupuncture, metabolic typing and functional medicine practices, has been launched in Reno by Doctor Bruce Eichelberger at the Reno Alternative Medicine clinic.

Acupuncture, Functional Medicine and Metabolic Typing are offered to treat unique individual health problems, with the launch of the Reno Alternative Medicine services provided by Doctor Bruce Eichelberger, OMD.

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With over 48 years experience, Dr. Eichelberger is a results oriented physician who treats each patient’s unique situation to re-balance body, mind and spirit, thereby getting to the root causes of health problems in order to fix them.

With the launch of the Reno Alternative Medicine clinic, Dr. Eichelberger stressed that there can be a plenty of issues to address with his patients. These could include poor choice of diet, sensitivities to some foods, toxins in the body, adrenal fatigue, clogged detoxification pathways, and immunity issues.

The clinic uses powerful and effective natural ways to correct these types of problems, and Dr. Eichelberger stated that “no matter how sick and tired and in pain you might me, there’s always hope”.

Dr. Eichelberger describes the clinic he has launched as offering “natural solutions for busy people who want more energy, less stress and better health”. Alternative medicine can be the answer for many people who may experience decreasing energy levels and feel overwhelmed by the demands of life, and experience pain and health issues that further impacts on their quality of life.

According to Dr. Eichelberger, these problems rob people of their normal life, reduce productivity and prevent them from being able to do the things they love to do. The Reno Alternative Medicine clinic has been launched to offer a natural approach that works with the body’s own healing capabilities, which is a powerful, safe and effective approach.

Using laboratory testing to discover the patient’s metabolic type is an important way this clinic works with patients to discover their unique needs when it comes to diet and lifestyle factors.

With the launch of this service the clinic also offers a 7-point satisfaction guarantee. Dr. Eichelberger stated that he is very confident that he can make a difference in health and quality of life, and that is the reason for offering this guarantee to his patients.

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