The List of the Most Popular Social Networks in 2020

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( — December 29, 2020) — These days, almost every one of us is using social networks for different purposes. Some people enjoy communicating with each other and sharing funny content. Others decide to provide expert knowledge to their followers and teach the users. The most proactive ones launch online businesses and promote products or services through social media accounts. Whatever the purpose is, no one can deny rapid online networks growth. But what is the most popular social media these days? With the help of statista, we will dig deeper into the figures and statistics to figure out the most prosperous social network. 

The Most Popular Platform in the World

The first social media platform that managed to reach more than 1 billion accounts was Facebook. It was the fastest growing platform now featuring almost 3 billion users. Each month they open their Facebook accounts and do various types of activities, such as sharing posts, liking photos, or posting information on the page. Facebook isn’t the only platform in the company. It is the main social media platform but it also has additional branches. This is a messenger for Facebook, WhatsApp, and a well-known Instagram. More and more people send messages through these platforms, share useful content, and ensure Instagram likes to have nice posts. 

The platform breaks all the records. Its main network with additional social media platforms has become widely used for the last couple of years. And users seem to continue their journey with Facebook. 

Are There Any Other Popular Platforms in the World?

Surely, there are tons of apps and programs that follow the same algorithms and offer similar options to the users. But they are less common worldwide. People use them locally. 

But the US, Europe, and China have their own popular social media services. For example, VK, QQ, or LINE are used very often in these areas. They gain popularity but due to some app features, they aren’t used globally. Don’t forget about YouTube. It is a great service for publishing compelling and full of sense content for people of different age groups. 

There’s another platform gaining momentum on the Internet. It’s called TikTok. It came from another version named Douyin. But the former one is more popular today. Lots of people underestimated TikTok when it appeared on the web for the first time. But users got the vibe and decided to develop the service. Today, there is a small number of people who don’t like using TikTok with its funny short videos. 

Why Do So Many People Use Social Media?

Global social media platforms usually feature a wide variety of languages available for users. It makes it easier to communicate with people around the world, tie connections, and share experiences. Communication through social media doesn’t depend on the political or economical situation, borders, or intercultural regulations. It is a simple way to enjoy funny and useful content together.