Organic Soil Fertilizer Farming Garden Probiotic Bio Stimulant Formula Launched

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1st Choice Fertilizer announced that their new Earth-Care Plus technology is now available for those looking for a natural and organic soil fertilizer for their gardens or farms.

1st Choice Fertilizer, a fertilizer supplier in San Leandro, California, announced the launch of Earth-Care Plus, an all-in-one organic formula for any farming or garden needs. This new soil fertilizer is natural, organic and good for the environment.

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The newly launched Earth-Care Organic Fertilizer at 1st Choice Fertilizer aims to ensure a sustainable environment and safe food nutrition, and raise awareness about the necessity of having a more sustainable agriculture.

Plants need to be fertilized because most soil does not provide the essential nutrients required for optimum growth. By fertilizing the garden, one replenishes lost nutrients and ensures that plants have the food they need to flourish.

1st Choice Fertilizer offers a powerful all-in-one organic formula with microbial probiotics that help break down soil nutrients into usable food for plants. Their Earth-Care Technology and supporting Earth-Care products act as an organic fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide and bio-stimulant.

Unlike other fertilizer makers, 1st Choice Fertilizer uses 12 major ingredients that keep plants safe, healthy, and maintain a balanced soil ecosystem.

The mission at 1st Choice fertilizer is to produce quality and safer products. That is why the company collaborates with research institutions, test facilities, universities, cooperatives and farms, in addition to having an internal research activity that focuses on sustainable solutions.

The team at 1st Choice Fertilizer have a tradition of research and are internationally known for the superior quality of their formulations. They are committed to investing yearly in technology progress as this is the only way to achieve sustainable growth for their company.

Another essential element of their success is their careful selection of high-quality raw materials. At 1st Choice Fertilizer, purchasing is made with complete respect for material origin and processing.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We believe that human intervention is the clearest pathway to restoring equilibrium. Therefore, it is our goal to combine our Scientific Analysis with your Practical Knowledge and empower you as the, ‘Keeper of Balance,’ restoring Mother Nature to equilibrium and optimizing whatever you choose to grow.”

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