How to Make Your Home Look Amazing and Give Back To the Earth

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( — December 30, 2020) –Environmental-consciousness is at its all-time high. Almost anyone around is striving to contribute in one way or another towards conserving the environment. Home décor is one area that has never been fully exploited when it comes to sustainable decor ideas.

Fewer but Better

Durability and sustainability are bed buddies when you think about it. Items that never last are not only expensive in the long haul but also make up a huge junk of the items that end up in the landfills. Therefore, one of the best ways to care for other earth is by purchasing good quality pieces rather than trends that do not last. Buying less and better products favors all clients, including the budget-constrained client.

  • Swap or Donate

It is better to swap, recycle, or donate household items instead of disposing them to the landfill. You will be surprised by the number of charity shops that offer free collection services. Recycling centers are also readily available and will take items that cannot be resold. If you have never considered swapping items with your friends then perhaps it is time to give it a try. Many are willing to swap some of their old items with a friend.

  • Buy Sustainable Furniture

This is certainly one of the best ways to care for the environment. Sustainable furniture refers to items that have been designed and made with the environment in mind. The buyer needs to check the materials used and how it is manufactured and transported.  Sustainable wood furniture is made of materials such as rattan, eucalyptus, bamboo, or teak. Sustainable metals include steel and aluminum. Recycled plastic is also a common material used for making sustainable furniture. A simple and quick way to ensure you buy sustainable furniture is by checking whether the manufacturer or supplier is certified by authorities, depending on your locality. Ensure furniture is made from FSC certified wood.

  • Real Plants in the House

Choose houseplants rather than artificial plants that do not add value to the environment. A real plant will take in carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen that helps purify the air around you. Therefore, by simply having one in your house, you will add style to the house and also make the environment a better place.

  • Natural Lighting

Speak to your architect and request them to design a house that can allow natural light to come in. This will not only reduce your electric bills but also helps minimize environmental impact by reducing your carbon blueprint through the electricity you use. You can even consider the use of thermal curtains and use solar energy. These alternatives are sustainable and are good for both the planet and your wallet.

  • Reupholster Instead of Replacing

A common practice is the urge to replace furniture pieces when old or when they no longer look appealing. Try not to do this but rather reupholster the items to increase their useful life. This will not only refresh the items but also helps reduces waste that ends up in landfills.


For as much as manufacturers play a big role in environmental conservation, it is your responsibility to ensure what you buy is made and transported in an environmentally-friendly manner.  We all have our role to play in conserving the environment.  The small effort you put towards minimizing your carbon footprint by buying sustainable furniture adds up to the overall picture.