Why Cookies Are the Best Dessert

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(Newswire.net — January 2, 2021) — You will be hard-pressed to meet someone who can avoid a newly made cookie’s enticing nostalgic scent. For several purposes, cookies appeal to us all. They are great for a purse or backpack on the go, come with a number of flavors for any sweet tooth, and have the potential to add a smile on just about any profile.

It’s no surprise, though, that you’re more likely than any other dessert to discover a tasty spread of cookies at your next business lunch, family reunion, or group event.

Why are cookies the best?

So many choices and variations exist:

The sheer range is one of the very best aspects of cookies. For everyone, there is a cookie out there. No matter what the taste buds want, there’s a cookie for you, if you want the traditional chocolate chip, the balanced oatmeal raisin, the fun sugar cookie, or even one that mixes sweet and salty. This not only makes cookies the ultimate dessert (they’re perfect for sharing!), it also ensures that they’re never going to get bored of you.

Cookies are like a crunchy sweet chewy canvas that’s primed for about everything you can think. Chocolate, nuts, vegetables and grains produce perfectly contrasting tastes and textures, just to mention a few, that even the most specific sweet tooth will please.

Portability of Cookie:

Another explanation of why cookies are the best: just about everywhere you can carry them! Easily move 1 or 100 cookies to every case with ease. Cookies may not need extra utensils or tableware, unlike most sweets. Just take it up and enjoy it.

Cookies offer a quick and useful treat for every reason, whether you’re throwing a handful in with your lunch or feeding an entire congregation. Plus, for later, you should even carry the leftovers home!

They remind you of your childhood:

Chances are no matter who you are, the scent of newly baked cookies evokes memories of your youth. In 92 percent of all homes, cookies are loved and occur in iterations through nearly all communities. Cookies are also used with certain traditionally ingrained rituals. Children throughout Canada and the U.S. have been leaving chocolate chip cookies and Christmas cookies for Santa Claus since the 1930s, for example.

Ask somebody what kind of dessert they recall best from their youth, and they’ll probably say cookies and milk. We’re not sure why cookies taste so good when dipped in milk, but we do know it was our favorite as a child. And though it’s not a dessert that adults like to enjoy as much unless they consume it with their children), we’re sure it will carry you right back to your childhood kitchen table if you do it.

Different sizes and shapes:

Cookies can come in a range of types, shapes, colors, and tastes. It’s also impossible not to grin at the sight of a deliberately placed platter of delicious sweet treats. To give a sweet first impression or maybe pass a cookie to someone who wants a little cheering up, carrying some along to share with new friends and co-workers. For several, cookies drawback fond childhood memories and time spent baking with loved ones.

Portion control:

Since cookies are the ideal portion size, this means they are also the perfect treat to share since they are too simple to take on the go. You’re guaranteed to find a lifelong buddy for life by giving a treat to anyone who seems like they might use a nice lunch or a little cheering up.

Only because you like a cookie doesn’t mean there’s anything you’re consuming that isn’t healthy for you. There are a lot of safe recipes for cookies out there. There are organic cookies, raisin cookies for oatmeal, whole wheat cookies, and also soy, almond, and dried fruit breakfast cookies. If you just think of cookies as an unhealthy desert, then, think differently!