Simsbury CT Functional Lap Blanket Touch Sensitive Removable Pouch Launched

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Simsbury, Connecticut business, LapWrap launched a new product—The Warmer Upper. The product provides consumers with a lap throw that delivers utmost warmth and functionality.

LapWrap, a home goods company based in Simsbury, Connecticut, announced the launch of their new product—The Warmer Upper. The business specializes in developing products that provide customers with comfort and convenience.

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LapWrap is a veteran-owned company that is passionate about comfort, design and functionality. Their newly launched product—The Warmer Upper—aims to provide consumers with a lap throw that delivers the utmost warmth, relaxation and accessibility.

Designed to be used for people of all ages and all walks of life, the thermal lap blanket can be used at home—on the couch while watching TV, by the fireplace, or in the patio while enjoying a cup of tea. It is also perfect for use in the office, for travel and in outdoor sporting events.

Made in the USA, The Warmer Upper is a specially designed lap throw that is made with Polartec Thermal PRO material that delivers maximum loft, warmth and comfort.

Cut in an ergonomic wing design, the innovative blanket is meant to be sat on on one side and the wing wraps over one’s lap. This design eliminates unnecessary folding and extra bulk and fabric, especially when bringing it along for travel and outdoor activities.

The Warmer Upper comes with a clear, removable pouch attached right at the lap area to hold gadgets and essentials in. The thoughtful design element eliminates having to look around and stand up to reach for gadgets when one is already seated, relaxed and comfortable. The clear plastic pouch is touch sensitive which enables the user to use smart phones and tablets with ease without having to take them out of the pouch. It also comes with a USB extension cord for charging gadgets.

According to a happy customer, “This is my favorite go-to blanket when I’m heading out to my kids’ games. It is brilliantly designed for sitting—I can sit on part of it and the other half folds perfectly over my lap. Best part is I can pop my phone in the clear pocket and know exactly where it is when I stand up to cheer!”

More information about The Warmer Upper is available over the phone at +1-866-986-9276 or by visiting the aforementioned website.