Florida Vinyl Decking Eco Friendly Waterproof Walkways And Patios Launched

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OnDek Vinyl Worx Inc. offers its Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) deck vinyl product to Florida and Georgia contractors. The product is considered superior to wood and is ideal to guard against leaks.

OnDek Vinyl Worx Inc. announces the availability of its roofing, deck, patio, and walkway materials. The company seeks roofers, contractors, architects, decking companies, and pool installers in the Florida, Georgia, and California states, to become distributors of the product.

Details can be found at https://ondekvinylworx.com

The recently announced polyvinyl chloride (PVC) product is generally used outdoors where waterproofing is required. Manufactured in 72″×300 feet roll stock, it has a non-woven polyester back layer to promote glue adhesion.

Due to its many benefits, OnDek Vinyl Worx Inc.’s PVC product is considered superior to wood. Being slip-resistant on wet and dry surfaces, eco-friendly, coming in attractive patterns that complement outdoor living spaces, and having a unique ultra seam are among its benefits.

According to a representative for OnDek Vinyl Worx Inc., the roofing and deck vinyl’s waterproof quality allows for it to be installed and used within the same day. Added to that, it meets the requirements of the American Disabilities Act due to its slip-resistant properties.

With its ultra seam, the OnDek PVC vinyl also provides what the company calls the ultimate weld in situations where several vinyl runs are needed. This quality also causes the product to have no fleece or woven material attached to the membrane on one side, allowing for a less complex installation.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the waterproof properties of the PVC vinyl material help to stop leaks on decking, decks, patios, balconies, walkways, and roof decks, once applied. This makes it weather resistant and ideal in protecting one’s home from some effects of rainstorms.

OnDek Vinyl Worx Inc. prides itself on having exceptional customer service. This is alluded to by the company’s representative.

“We are dedicated to superior pre and post-sales support. We support our dealer network with the best decking products, marketing tools, and customer service in the industry,” the spokesperson stated.

The products offered by OnDek Vinyl Worx Inc. are made to give builders and developers a low-maintenance vinyl option that only requires cleaning on a semi-annual basis. The company offers a free OnDek Design Kit to all prospective clients.

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