St Petersburg FL Online Counseling In Person Support Therapy Sessions Launched

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Sunshine City Counseling, a therapy company based in Florida, offers online and face to face counseling sessions that tackle mental health problems.

Sunshine City Counseling, a Florida-based company that provides counseling services, has launched face to face and online counseling sessions.

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They provide access to mental health support and provide individual therapy, couples therapy, child therapy and teen counseling.

Counseling is provided for a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety counseling, trauma counseling, postpartum depression counseling, depression counseling, and more.

Individuals can choose to have online counseling sessions or to meet with a counselor face to face. Each session is designed to help individuals step into their fullest potential.

Sunshine City Counseling helps clients to examine their past and stop past pain and traumas getting in the way of their future.

Clients will be encouraged to communicate how they are feeling throughout each session and are given the tools to effectively communicate how they are feeling to others.

The counseling sessions also help individuals to manage mental health problems, such as anxiety and overwhelm and become unstuck from their current circumstances.

Counseling can provide an array of benefits. A few benefits of counseling include helping individuals to feel heard and validated, breaking the stigma around mental health, building healthy relationships, aiding sleep, improving communication skills, and more.

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Counseling sessions range in price between $90 and $150 per session, with some counselors charging additional rates for sessions after 6pm. A typical session lasts between 45 to 60 minutes. New clients can schedule a free first session on the website.

Sunshine City Counseling is a mental health company that provides counseling, coaching, and therapy, and is dedicated to providing a safe space for individuals to explore themselves and the steps they can take for their future.

The team has eight counselors who specialize in a variety of mental health struggles, such as, depression counseling, trauma counseling, postpartum depression counseling, online couples counseling and child therapy.

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