London Diamonds Offers Clients a More Sustainable, Less Costly Alternative

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( — January 3, 2021) –With the sale of naturally mined diamonds on a steady decline, London Diamonds are cornering the diamond market by providing uniquely crafted lab diamonds and bespoke pieces at a fraction of the cost.

London Diamonds is not your average diamond retailer or high-end boutique, they have their own way of doing things. As one of the only providers of lab-grown as well as naturally mined diamonds, London Diamonds have secured their place in the market by providing handcrafted bespoke pieces using only the best quality lab-grown and naturally mined diamonds from around the world. Their team of specialists are committed to creating exactly what their clients ask for. 

Each piece crafted by London Diamonds’ team is created according to their customers’ specifications. Using CAD designs, 3D animations and hand-drawn sketches, their team of specialists are able to create the jewellery their customers envision, from engagement rings to earrings, bracelets to pendants, they do it all. 

Lab diamonds are a driving factor in the diamond industry

The sale of naturally mined diamonds has decreased significantly in recent times while lab-grown diamonds are becoming an increasingly popular alternative. The reason for this growing popularity stems from a combination of factors, one of the most notable being the associated cost of production. Lab diamonds are, on average, 30% – 40% less expensive than naturally mined diamonds despite the fact that they are visually, physically and chemically identical to naturally mined diamonds. 

This growing preference for lab diamonds is however not only due to the fact that they are less expensive. Many people choose to purchase lab diamonds, as opposed to naturally mined diamonds, because it is considered a more ethical choice as clients are guaranteed 100% transparency of the ethical origins of the diamonds they wish to purchase. The production of lab diamonds is a less disruptive, more sustainable and significantly cheaper alternative to naturally mined diamonds and people are quickly catching on. In an important further boost to their credibility, they are also now certified by the leading gemmological labs, the GIA and IGI.

London Diamonds is changing the way people buy diamonds  

As one of the only providers of lab grown and naturally mined diamonds, London Diamonds can offer their clients this more sustainable, less costly alternative by undercutting many well-established diamond retailers. Currently, London Diamonds supplies around 1% of all engagement rings in the UK and MD, James Sanders admits, “This is not nearly enough but as more people around the world become aware of the lab diamond revolution, our share of the market will no doubt also increase. I urge anyone weighing up the two options to watch the Netflix documentary on diamonds if they get the chance to”.  

With their London office and state-of-the-art workshop, London Diamonds are committed to providing the best quality diamonds sourced from the most renowned diamond dealers across the globe. As an independent business that is not solely contracted to any one of the 17,000 diamond dealers they have contact with,they are able to buy the best diamonds from the best inventories around the world, providing their clients with only the best of the best to choose from. 

London Diamonds has tailored their business approach to suit their clients. Unlike other diamond businesses and jewellers, they offer their clients custom-made engagement rings and jewellery at fair prices without the markup usually associated with luxury retailers. The prices of their bespoke pieces are not based on the profit margins of existing diamond retailers, but instead on the budgets of their clients. By removing the middleman and disregarding brand name mark ups, they are able to create beautiful jewellery on the correct terms.

London Diamonds is setting a new standard 

It is already very apparent that London Diamonds operates very differently to most diamond businesses. They aim to provide the best lab and naturally mined diamonds whilst giving their clients the flexibility to create their perfect piece. 

By working to the budget stipulated by their clients and not the other way around, they are able to produce one-of-a-kind, handcrafted engagement rings and bespoke jewellery for anyone looking to purchase something uniquely beautiful for their loved ones.