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A SEO company has launched a new subscription-based service that aims to help businesses in the West Coast move higher through search rankings using keyword-targeted content.

A digital marketing agency has introduced a managed service aimed at business owners in Nevada who want to improve their rankings at search engine results pages (SERPs) using a novel approach to SEO.

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Red Zone SEO is offering premium SEO campaigns designed to help companies find the ideal keywords that can allow them to reach higher spots in the “red zone” or the top 30 positions on Google’s SERP.

This white-label service is subscription-based and offers a number of options depending on how many keywords the client wants to rank for. The base package costs $1,000 monthly and will include research, consultation, unique content, relevant links, weekly reports, and support for a campaign based on 10 targeted keywords.

Packages that target 20 or more keywords are also available at higher subscription rates. Before subscribing to any of its offers, however, the company advises prospective clients to undergo a free SEO review to determine the issues that could be affecting their website’s performance.

The agency’s process begins by identifying the keywords that can offer the best possible ROI. Afterward, it will perform keyword-targeted content writing, where its US-based team will produce articles for each keyword in the campaign.

Once the articles are completed, they will be shared throughout the agency’s network. According to the agency, clients do not need to wait for months for their profile link to be completed as its team is capable of building it in the first month.

In the course of the succeeding months, Red Zone SEO will continue to track the campaign on Google, Yahoo, and Bing to make sure that the campaign is performing on various SERPs.

The company explained that its approach revolves around the “red zone” because while 90% of the traffic happens on the first page of search results, the websites on the second and third pages have the best chances of claiming the top spots with the right approach.

“Local businesses who want to experience consistent traffic has a huge opportunity to rank organically in the ‘red zone,’” an agency spokesperson said. “If your business is languishing in the second or third pages, then this service is your best shot of being bumped up to number one.”

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