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United States NGO American Indian Services (AIS) has recently released applications for the Native American college fund and scholarship, designed to support further education in the community.

American Indian Services, a non-profit organization in Salt Lake City UT, has recently updated their application process for Native American college funds and scholarships, offering excellent supportive resources and striving towards educational equality.

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The newly updated AIS college scholarships offer qualifying undergraduates enrollment support and financial security during their course, in addition sponsoring a range of other educational services, including customized STEM summer schools, literacy projects, and mentoring programs for school-aged children.

Applicants of the newly updated AIS college fund must have enrolled or be about to enroll as an undergraduate in a university, college, or technical school to complete their first bachelor’s degree. In addition to some other requirements, eligible applicants must be at least one quarter (1/4) Native American, as part of a federally recognized tribe, or as the immediate descendent of an enrolled member.

Moreover, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 must be maintained after the first semester of the academic course. Comprehensive information about required documents and FAQs on the recently launched scholarship can be found on the AIS site, in addition to articles on how AIS implements positive change and upholds Native American community goals.

In addition to their endeavors to foster educational equality, AIS has a number of charitable operations, implementing positive change on reservations and in the community. AIS was created to respond to the widespread educational and economic oppression of Native American people.

They estimate that high school drop-out rates for Native American seniors is twice the national average, contributing to the fact that non-Native American youths are three times as likely to get a college degree. American Indian Services (AIS) is a premium Native American charity, dedicated to asserting Native American rights and encouraging educational equality.

The Salt Lake City based NGO supports Native Americans across the US by offering premium resources, including scholarships, summer schools, and emergency aid, including the Native American college fund.

Moreover, AIS has scored highly with Charity Navigator, in addition to a number of other charity watchdogs, enabling sponsors to donate with confidence knowing that donations will truly benefit Native American youth education programs. The non-profit organization can be found on 3115 East Lion Lane, Salt Lake City.

A spokesperson for the company said “If you are considering giving to Native American charities, please see if you are in alignment with American Indian Services as your dollars will make a huge difference. Asserting and protecting Native American rights is an essential step in helping all of America’s people to achieve equality and educational opportunity.”

Application documents and requirements can be found at, and, or by calling +1-801-375-1777.