Meet Dr. Yosef Alhasany: The Medical Doctor That We All Need

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( — January 6, 2021) — Mental health well-being is just as important as physical health. The mind is a valuable tool that can be shaped, depending on how you see things and how you feel. Even though expressing your feelings and thoughts is seen as a positive thing in most western countries, it is still seen as a taboo in Asian countries.

However, social media has been used as a powerful source for both the younger and older generation to express themselves, and even follow accounts that give genuine and professional advice. Dr.Yosef Alhasany (Yousef Khaled Fuad Hasan ) is a medical doctor based in Kuwait and has been very popular online for giving advice about psychology and the way we think. He has close to 1 million followers on instagram and posts about Psychological Issues on a regular basis. 

His posts on social media are in Arabic, but he does also communicate with patients and people in English that want to have advice about how to battle anxiety and depression.

We have the chance to interview him and talk about his current projects, career and the mind.

How does it feel to have a huge fan base on social media?

“I see it as one of my professional achievements and I am grateful to share my speciality in Psychoanalysis with so many people. It is a blessing to have so many people follow my advice and to understand a different perspective of life.”

How did it feel to speak in over 20 seminars to so many people?

“I really enjoyed it when I conducted lots of seminars in Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. I was able to connect with people and help them become better versions of themselves, which is something that I love doing.”

How do you perceive society?

“I stand for originality, which is why I like to focus on reprogramming the subconscious and how people view reality. We were all born into a society where we are instantly trapped into a system of different beliefs, views and perspectives of life, not giving us the chance to be our true selves. I like to help people break out of this shell and to re-discover themselves for who they truly are.”

Is there anyone who inspires you?

“I do like Dr. Jordan Peterson because he has a unique philosophy; he is a real human and he is trying to spread collective consciousness for multiple cultures through his books and his youtube channels. He stands for the same things that I stand for and I do admire the way that he sees and perceives the world.”

What inspired you to become a medical doctor?

“I graduated from medical school as a top student, and I still remember a quote I read from my friend that says “where is the glory in doing what someone else has already done”. Since that time, I wanted to have originality by creating my own way and my own therapy. I’ve received help from lots of mentors, and I realized that psychoanalysis is the foundation that can actually heal anyone psychologically. In the past, I didn’t believe there was any real therapy available in our world.”

How have you helped people online with their mental health well-being? 

“I’ve conducted online programs that helped people to be a better version of themselves, especially when it comes to relationships and psychological issues, as well as some medical issues.”

How do you view our system and ways of upbringing?  

“There has always been a form of enslavement by the systems that we have lived by since children such as the parental system, dysfunctional religious systems and social systems that don’t represent us. Even the typical type of education is a type of slavement and it doesn’t help us to create original thinkers. It just creates people who memorize and copy things.”

Dr.Yosef Alhasany is currently planning on releasing a book called Your psychological subconsciousness complexes: Are your maternal prison? The realistic Psychoanalytic Approach in Relationships, Childhood & Sexuality in the Arab Worlds. 

He is also still helping people online by giving advice about all kinds of issues that have a heavy toll on their mental health well-being. He is planning to attend more seminars in the new year ahead.