Lethbridge AB Fencing Expert Residential Installation Services Launched

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Season to Season Fencing and Landscaping, a company based in Lethbridge, AB, launched their updated fencing services. Options are available in a variety of materials for property projects.

Season to Season Fencing and Landscaping, a landscaping company based in Lethbridge, AB, launched their updated fencing services. The company offers a variety of professional options for residential, acreage, and commercial fencing.

More details can be found at https://www.season2season.ca

The latest launch highlights the many fencing options that Season to Season has to offer. By working with a team of experienced professionals, the company can offer competitive rates and premium service to clients in the Lethbridge area. Season to Season has a variety of fencing materials available for their clients to choose from, each with unique benefits.

Having fencing installed on residential, commercial or acreage property provides many benefits to property owners. Foremost, fencing provides increased security and protection. Fencing can also provide additional privacy for property owners, as well as create a boundary for pets. Fencing is also frequently used to improve the visual appeal of a property, serving as both a functional and decorative addition to a yard or lot.

There are primarily three types of lumber options available from Season to Season – spruce, pressure-treated lumber, and cedar.

Spruce fencing is available, although it is used the least out of the options provided. Spruce fencing can be painted or stained to any colour. Spruce is readily available across North America and is both durable and affordable. While it requires more maintenance than some of the other fencing options, it is still a viable option for a client’s fencing needs.

Pressure-treated lumber is also available. This is the most commonly selected lumber type used for fencing, as it requires very little maintenance. Pressure-treated lumber is resistant to weather, insects (such as termites) and fungus, making it more durable than traditional lumber.

Season to Season also has cedar fencing available. Cedar fencing can be painted or stained to any colour, or it can be left alone to naturally take on a gray or black colour. The main benefit of cedar is its durability, and it is naturally more resistant to insects than other lumber options.

Season to Season also offers vinyl fencing and, as of 2021, chain link fencing. These options each have unique benefits. The company carries vinyl fencing in a variety of colours and styles and offers a lifetime warranty on materials. This material warranty is transferable to future property owners. Vinyl fencing is easy to clean and very durable. Chain link fencing is also a viable non-lumber option. This option is extremely durable and low-maintenance, with chain link being known for its longevity.

Season to Season has a highly experienced staff, all of whom have been selected based on their experience with fencing installation and repair.

Fences from Season to Season do not require a deposit until the day of installation, where the client is then only charged for the material cost. The remainder of the payment is not required until the job is completed to the client’s unique specifications and satisfaction.

Season to Season Fencing and Landscaping is one of Alberta’s premier fencing companies. Season to Season has been voted as one of the top three companies in Lethbridge for three years in a row by https://threebestrated.ca, a well-known business ranking organization.

Companies are selected based on a 50-point inspection, covering subjects such as customer reviews, business reputation, cost, customer satisfaction and general excellence. As a three year winner, Season to Season has demonstrated their business excellence and reputation.

A representative from the company said: “The projects we take on are for our customers, not us, and we want to make sure the customer is getting exactly what they want. Whether it is walking the customer through the steps or texting/emailing pictures to them as we go, the customer’s input creates great results.”

Interested parties can find more information at the link above.