Memphis TN Non-Invasive Ventilation Treatment At-Home Medical Devices Launched

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In-home medical supplier Home Medical Products, Inc. in Memphis, TN has released new invasive and non-invasive ventilation treatments in response to the current respiratory pandemic.

Home Medical Products, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee has launched new invasive and non-invasive ventilation treatments in response to the current pandemic. The company offers a range of programs and services that provide local residents with quality in-home medical equipment.

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The newly launched treatments aim to improve and maintain patients’ quality of life, as well as reduce the risk of hospital readmission or death.

Ventilators are used to pump air and extra oxygen into patients’ airways when they are unable to adequately breathe on their own. As viral infection rates continue to rise across the country, the demand for proper ventilation machines is rapidly increasing.

HMP’s invasive in-home ventilation treatments deliver pressurized air into the lungs through a tube that is inserted into the windpipe. The procedure can occur via intubation, in which a tube is inserted through the mouth and down the throat, or via tracheotomy, in which an incision is made into the throat through the neck where a tube can be inserted.

The non-invasive option, however, simply pushes pressurized air into the lungs through a mask or mouthpiece. To make breathing easier and more effective, the in-home ventilation machine is set to provide a pre-determined level of pressure during inhalation and exhalation.

Home Medical Products, Inc. employs licensed respiratory therapists and clinical staff to oversee patients’ care plans through home visits, remote monitoring, education, engagement activities, and more.

The medical supply company also offers in-home orthotic bracing services for joint pain in the neck, knees, back, and wrists. Patients can pick up their professionally-fitted brace at their most convenient HMP location.

With the newest launch, Home Medical Products, Inc. continues to provide comprehensive, in-home medical care to patients across Tennessee.

A spokesperson for the company said: “It is our vision to advance the quality of patient care in a way that improves patient outcomes, insisting on solutions that reduce overall healthcare costs and that remove barriers to providing such care.”

Interested parties can find more information by calling (901) 373-3503.