Tooele UT Sensory Deprivation Pod Affordable Relaxing Home Float Tank Launched

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Dreampod of Tooele, UT launches its Home Pro Float Pod, a sensory deprivation tank that delivers the same meditative experience found in wellness centers at a more affordable price point.

Tooele, UT-based Dreampod announces the launch of its home sensory deprivation float tank. Called the Home Pro Float Pod, this offering fosters mental clarity, promotes deep relaxation, and lowers anxiety.

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This new product was launched to offer consumers a more affordable sensory deprivation pod, which is often only available in high-end wellness centers. By blocking all external distractions, this float tank allows people to be alone with their thoughts, leading to deeper meditation and heightened mental acuity.

The first float tank was invented in 1954 by neuropsychiatrist Dr. John C. Lilly, which eventually led to the creation of commercially available sensory deprivation pods. Elite athletes and A-list celebrities are among the users who have discovered the health benefits of float tanks.

The Home Pro Float Pod is about the size of a full-sized tub, allowing it to fit in most households. It is constructed to be light proof and soundproof to create an optimal environment for deep thought and relaxation.

This float tank can accommodate up to 10 inches of water, to which Epsom salt is added. This allows the user to freely float without any effort, as if they were in a zero-gravity chamber.

Dreampod notes that its float tank offers many benefits, the primary of which is relaxation and rejuvenation. People who suffer from chronic fatigue report having more energy after immersing themselves in a sensory deprivation session.

Home Pro Float Pod can also help people better manage their depression and anxiety, due to the float tank’s meditative experience. Moreover, sensory deprivation tanks can improve cardiovascular health and help people recover faster from physical injuries.

Dreampod is the leading name in the personal sensory deprivation float tank segment. With the Home Pro Float Pod, it aims to help people discover an alternative way to achieve optimal well-being.

A spokesperson says: “We are really excited to introduce the Home Pro Float Pod, our top-of-the-line personal float tank. With it, people can enjoy spa-quality relaxation in the comfort of their very own homes.”

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