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A seasoned web developer launches a new training program with the goal of helping writers, editors, and content producers learn the different aspects of SEO.

Web development veteran Larry Ludwig has just launched a new course designed specifically to teach writers how search engine optimization or SEO works. The online offering entitled “SEO for Writers: The Secret To Making More Money Copywriting, Without The Technical Jargon” has been made available in an easy-to-understand format.

More information can be found at https://passfind–larryludwig.thrivecart.com/seo-for-writers-slwd.

The newly launched program endeavors to shed light on a topic that many individuals, including digital marketing practitioners, see as highly complex. It breaks down the multi-layered concept into six modules that are of significant relevance to web content producers.

The first part of the series is a general introduction to the inner workings of SEO. It also seeks to demonstrate how the strategy can be approached as a practice that is separate from Google.

The course follows it up with a discussion of what the learners should write. It points out that certain types of articles are better in terms of SEO, and enumerates which content formats to favor and which ones to avoid.

Delving into the more technical aspects of SEO, the third installment talks about keyword research. Given that the digital marketing technique relies heavily on targeting popular search terms, this part of the course gives pointers on finding niche-specific keywords for free.

Meanwhile, the fourth lesson in the series includes step-by-step instructions to produce articles that rank well in search engines like Google.

Finally, the last two modules cover best practices for two particular sections of web-based articles: the headline and the URL slug. They discuss how proper creation and formatting of these elements can affect SEO.

Larry has intended the course to assist every type of content producer as they venture into crafting articles and other kinds of online text for improved search rankings. The author states, “As its name implies, my course SEO for Writers is geared toward writers, editors, and content creators.”

He continues, “This course will help you make more money for your blog. If you are a freelancer, it can help you too. As you know, every editor demands that you are proficient in SEO. Make yourself more in demand because you have a skill few have mastered.”

Interested parties may access additional details by visiting the website above.