6 Tips for Working with Architects

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(Newswire.net — January 7, 2021) — If you’re planning a major home improvement or perhaps considering a new build you will need to bring in an architect at the early stages. Good architects can bring what you imagine and what you want to the drawing board, and help you negotiate planning permission and other obstacles to get to the construction stage faster.

There is a knack to working with architects, and given the importance of finding the right one, we will explore this in some depth.


Architects like other professions such as doctors and lawyers, specialise in different areas. Some work on commercial buildings, others residential. So if you are looking for a bespoke beautiful Spanish villa, it is a good idea to use exclusive architects in Spain who specialise in buildings of this kind.

They not only know how to put buildings like this together and overcome construction obstacles, but they can negotiate bureaucracy which greatly speeds up the build.

Generally, finding exclusive architects is good practice. You will be able to find one that specialise in home extensions and loft conversions.

Put Together a Brief

Your brief should cover the basics without going into too much detail. You do not want everything too detailed as the overall design will change as the project progresses. Simply state the following in your brief:

  • Materials you favour – wood, stone etc
  • If you want something open plan
  • Architectural style – modern, traditional etc
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

This will give an architect an idea of whether your project is suitable for them.

Finding an Architect

Once you have your brief it is time to find your architect. It is a good idea to keep searches local or at the national level if you are building overseas. Take a look at the website in the first instance. Architects will feature their portfolio and you can tell if you like the style and design.

Read any reviews they feature and if you feel they are reputable get in touch.

If you have architects recommended to you check them out as well, reviewing their work and reading reviews.

Decide Whether you can Work with an Architect

A key factor in your project success is whether you can work with the architect. A good fit will be easily approachable, patient, and happy to explain their ideas and the different stages of the project.

You’re going to be investing plenty of money into the project, so you want to see a great return on your investment. As well as their design skills, choose one that is prepared to listen to you.


All architects should respect your budget. Be up front with numbers from the beginning and ensure you are not sold features you don’t need. This can really eat up the cash.

Good architects respect your budget and advise honestly if what you want is feasible.


Try and ensure your architect has a good relationship with planners. Bureaucracy can greatly slow down a project. When interviewing an architect make sure that you ask about how they plan to negotiate the planning landscape.