How To Become A Leading Mental Health And Wellness Entrepreneur

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( — January 7, 2021) —

Entrepreneurship may sound exciting. However, the journey to the top is not usually an easy one. Research has shown that 49% of entrepreneurs deal with at least one mental illness. That is why, as an entrepreneur, you need to realize how to fight your mental battles as you focus on attaining your goals. Always find what motivates you daily. Entrepreneurship will also call you to be patient and persistent in your fight to achieve what you want. You will need to work with like-minded people and people with the same vision. Build a dedicated team, and don’t allow yourself to fall back into the comfort zone. 

This article presents the journey of a mental health and wellness entrepreneur who beat the odds to emerge as a coveted guru in the industry.

Daniel At A Glance

Daniel Murray-Serter is a serial and mental wellness entrepreneur and the co-founder of Heights. Heights is a ‘braincare’ company that makes smart supplements that are the best in the market with some of Europe’s most credible experts. He is also the host of the UK’s number 1 business podcast, Secret Leaders.

This high flying mental health founder has won many awards, including the “young entrepreneur of the year.” His previous company won the best mobile startup award in Europe. Daniel’s past hits include viral sensations Grabble and Popcorn.They had millions of users and won a competition called Pitch at Palace. Daniel met the Queen and did a speech in Buckingham Palace. His experience has made him knowledgeable to mentor startups. Foundrs is a non-profit community set up to help ambitious founders break new ground without breaking themselves. 

Never Despise Humble Beginnings

You have probably heard stories of how people have risen from being nothing to being something. Maybe from being slaves to being kings, or from the streets to become great forces in various industries. The story is not different for Daniel. Multiple mental health conditions characterized his early life. He suffered chronic anxiety, insomnia, and burnout, among other mental conditions. All kinds of medication seemed to have failed in helping Daniel find his healing. He tried everything from the calm app to meditation to cutting out booze to going to a sleep therapist, but all was in vain. 

Finally, there was light at the end of the tunnel. Daniel was advised to see a dietitian who asked him to try some supplements. These supplements included Omega 3s, B vitamin complex, and blueberry extract. And guess what? This is exactly what Daniel needed for his brain to thrive. His mind was actually lacking Omega 3s. These supplements brought a huge change to Daniel’s body. He began feeling some calmness and healing. Daniel could now sleep, and his anxiety levels began to drop. His thinking became clearer, and that is when he began thinking about the nutrients he was putting in his brain. 

Disrupting The Industry

What began as a simple weekly newsletter ended up becoming a community of people interested in learning more about braincare. From there, he developed a plant based smart supplement with the highest quality ingredients from all over the world, along with his Co-Founder Joel Freeman and Chief Science Officer, Dr Tara Swart. Dan went from reading science journals and turning them into snappy newsletters for people to learn about how to take care of their brain according to science, into a much wider vision for creating a whole category of ‘braincare’ starting with the single launch product- ‘The Smart Supplement.’ 

“What if we had a product?” Daniel thought. And within no time, the duo was already doing massive research on what unique product they could make to help those with a mental condition. 

One thing they kept in mind is that they wanted professionalism. So they partnered with Dr. Tara Swart, one of the leading neuroscientists and a medical doctor of Psychiatry. This professional was a neuropharmacology professor and a lecturer at MIT and the best selling author on the brain. Daniel knew that his professional services and support would take them far. 

A cord of three strands can not be easily broken. The trio got into the serious business of making the world’s smartest supplement combining everything science says your brain needs every day to thrive from nature. What they did was to combine all the nutrients in one patented ‘clever capsule’ that allows the nutrients to be absorbed slowly into your gut, with or without food, enabling customers to take it first thing and build daily habits from it. 

Today Daniel is at the ‘height’ of his mental wellbeing and helping many others to achieve this status. Are you interested to learn more about how to take care of your brain, according to science?Follow Daniel here to get daily tips to inspire you to live your best life.”