VPS Hosting: Linux vs. Windows

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(Newswire.net — January 7, 2021) — The acronym VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, basically a server available to the user, only instead of being a physical machine it is virtual. The term virtual means that by purchasing a VPS the customer gets a virtual version of a server, with all available resources hosted on physical hardware. The great peculiarity of a VPS Server such as the 8gb Ram VPS, which distinguishes it from other professional solutions, is that with it you have the opportunity to take advantage (through virtualization) of a dedicated environment with different characteristics and resources compared to other VPSs hosted on the same server. 

The purchase of a VPS is a choice that must be made, as for any other web service, based on the individual needs of the user. That said, it must be said that a Virtual Server is a recommended option especially for those who need a high-performance service that does not have the costs of a Dedicated Server.

The battle between Linux and Windows remains fierce in the world of website hosting. Some time ago, we made a comparison between the two types of hosting, Linux / Windows. More recently, we ended up making the comparison in four aspects: price, support, security and performance of the accommodations. Today, the comparison between Linux and Windows will be specifically in relation to VPS hosting.

Choosing which operating system to use when hosting your website is essential to optimize its performance when working. After all, it is much better to use a system that you already know how to use and that will guarantee you more security and operational ease. Usually, Linux always ends up in front of Windows when we make these comparisons. 

Let’s look at the benefits of each of the systems and see if we will have that conclusion again today.

Benefits of Windows VPS hosting

The number of people who use Windows VPS hosting is not as large as the number of followers of the Linux system. The main reason (which takes away many points from Microsoft’s hosting) is that it is a paid system. If on the one hand this is a disadvantage, on the other hand paying guarantees full support from professionals who can help you when you have a problem with your virtualized data.

In addition, a Windows VPS hosting will come with great program solutions for databases like Microsoft SQL or Microsoft Access. The same goes for the use of ASP.NET platforms, a product exclusive to Microsoft. Another great benefit of this type of operating system is the ability to easily access your desktop. The platform has a very friendly interface for this type of task. There is also the fact that for those who are more used to Windows products, there is a great advantage in not changing systems.

Benefits of Linux VPS hosting

Price. This is the first major benefit of the Linux VPS platform. Not having to pay for the operating system used is decisive for the choice of many webmasters. In addition, Linux is a system that accepts modifications by any user. This guarantees a great customization to what you want to do in your hosting, which in Windows is more difficult.

Security with Secure Shell Access (SSH) and a more closed system for inserting files that can damage your data are other advantages presented by Linux. Linux servers like VPS 16gb Ram have shown greater availability of Windows. The biggest disadvantage of Linux is the requirement for certain knowledge to operate the system. The tools are a little more complicated than Windows and the answers to your problems will not be in a support service. It is worth you to measure what is best and choose the best system for VPS hosting.

So which one would you choose?