Baseball Hat Insert For Sweat Absorption Moisture Wicking Product Launched

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A new, patented hat insert has been launched to help customers avoid the destruction of their baseball hats. It’s specially designed to absorb sweat and prolong the life of any hat.

The team at Hatbright has just launched a new sweat-protection insert for baseball hat lovers who are frustrated with sweaty, stinky hats. This patented, USA-made fabric is designed to keep your hats crisp and clean no matter how much they get worn.

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This newly launched product provides customers with a brilliantly simple-to-use way to prevent faded, smelly headgear.

Baseball hat enthusiasts know the salt and acids from sweat can destroy their hats hat from the inside out. Hatbright’s new product has been specially designed to prevent this stinky fashion-faux-pas.

If you wear hats regularly, you may have noticed the biggest problem is that sweat, acids, and oils from your skin cause their colors fade over time. And while it’s certainly possible to clean them in the sink or dishwasher, the faded dye can never be replaced.

Hatbright explains that the only way to prevent hat decay and fading is by keeping the sweat from ever getting into the hat in the first place. Thus, Hatbright’s patented insert was designed to offer an eco-friendly solution to the problems posed by sweat.

Most golf fans are familiar with disposable inserts that can be worn inside their caps. However, these synthetic materials are made of plastics, harsh chemicals that go against they skin, and repeated use causes them to leave a sticky residue in the hat over time. Worse still, they’re designed to be disposable, so they fill up landfills unnecessarily.

Other options are made of closed cell foam, but these have little breathability and don’t offer any sweat absorption. Inserts like this can even make the sweating worse.

Hatbright is made from a sustainable natural fiber, which has been developed from the ground up for optimal sweat absorption. The patented product is naturally antibacterial without the use of harsh chemicals or single-use plastics and is easy to wash.

And because there’s no plastic used in its packaging or production, Hatbright inserts are fully eco friendly. It’s very simple to move them from hat to hat with ease, and inserting Hatbright into any hat immediately stops the progression of sweat-based destruction.

Protecting hats protects them for good, and keeps them looking like new, no matter how much they get worn.

Women especially love Hatbright inserts because—just like they keep the sweat out—they also keep makeup from soaking through and ruining their hats.

The company states: “Hatbright is a protective, sweat-wicking, breathable, and comfortable barrier that goes between your head and any hat to protect them from skin acids, oils, stink, sweat, fading—and the landfill.”

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