Online Cloud Computing Certificate MicroMaster Graduate Level Program Launched

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University of Maryland Global Campus launched its new Cloud Computing MicroMaster’s Certificate program. The program teaches participants fundamental cloud computing skills.

The University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) and the University System of Maryland (USMx) launched a new Cloud Computing MicroMaster’s Certificate program. The program offers participants a chance to gain expert knowledge in the field of cloud computing through a concentrated graduate-level educational program.

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The latest launch highlights the many benefits that the Cloud Computing MicroMaster’s Certificate program provides for its participants. The online program offers expert instruction from cloud computing professionals, teaching students the crucial aspects of the field.

Expertise in cloud computing is an in-demand skill, with a majority of both public and private sector organizations beginning to shift their data storage to cloud-based systems. Potential career paths for graduates of the course include cloud engineer, cloud architect, cloud analyst, network architect, and network administrator.

The online program covers a wide variety of topics about cloud computing, beginning with foundations of cloud computing and the models used for the subject. Participants of the course are also taught about methods for cloud computing project management.

The subject matter also instructs participants about the design and configuration of cloud computing systems, as well as how to mitigate risk and improve security in these systems.

Participants enrolled in the course will also be exposed to prominent software platforms that are frequently utilized within the cloud computing sector. These platforms include Saas, Paas, Iaas, and more.

The course is created for professionals to extend their education and skill sets further and is designed to be completed over eight months. The program requires eight to ten hours per week and includes four graduate-level courses on the subject matter.

The MicroMaster’s program is being taught through, a highly reputable online learning platform for higher education.

The Cloud Computing MicroMaster’s Certificate program is led and instructed by experienced cloud computing professionals and utilizes the resources of UMGC and USMx to create a robust and specialized curriculum.

UMGC and USMx offer a variety of graduate-level courses aimed at professional development. Using the resources from top-level universities, the MicroMaster’s certificate programs allow participants to showcase in-demand skills to employers. After completion of the certificate course in Cloud Computing, students are eligible to transfer their credits earned into a full master’s program in Cloud Computing Architecture from UMGC.

A satisfied customer said: “ The Cloud Computing MicroMasters is an efficient and targeted way for those interested in this career path to obtain the foundational knowledge and skills in the growing cloud computing field.”

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