GA Personal Growth Women Leadership Business Coaching Program Launched

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Jada Jones, a certified coach based in Florida has launched a program of new personal growth and development programs. The programs show individuals how to improve their leadership skills.

Jada Jones, a certified professional coach and trainer under Eric Thomas & Associates and John Maxwell Team has launched new personal development and growth training programs.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting

The newly launched coaching and training programs are tailored to individuals and companies who are feeling uninspired, stuck in their career and are avoiding the hard conversations they need to have to move forward.

The program focuses on offering students advice that will spark self-improvement and increased productivity in business. It also provides practical tools and skills to help individuals unleash their leadership skills by providing purposeful ways to grow and improve.

The new coaching program provides learning in a fun environment and promises to unlock new ideas and help individuals leave old, unproductive habits behind.

Included in the launch of the program is The Flight Assessment Program. This program includes a unique flight assessment report and debrief, which helps individuals to understand their behavioral preferences and habits.

Individuals can then use this new understanding to influence how they work with team members, lead in business, develop talent, and resolve conflict. More information on the kind of training that is provided can be found by visiting

After completion of the flight assessment program, students will have the tools to become a more effective leader, gain clarity in their journey, and become intentional in cultivating their life’s success.

T. Griffin-West, a past student of the training says, “If you get a chance to work with Jada, please just take it! My results really do speak for themselves. Invest in yourself.”

As part of the launch, sessions are provided on a complimentary basis for businesses and include 10 or more participants. The average length of each session is around 45 to 60 minutes.

Interested parties can schedule a session by visiting the website and are entitled to claim a complimentary discovery session. The session includes a 30-minute consultation and 15-minute preview of the Flight Assessment program.

Jada Jones is a personal growth and leadership coach based in Florida and Georgia who is driven to create cultures of excellence, leadership, and life transformations.

She is the owner of CILS LLC and is passionate about helping individuals develop strong leadership skills that are vital for the health of the entire community.

For more information on Jada Jones and the launch of the new coaching programs visit the URLs above.