Best Hair Wax Called Da’Wax by Da’Dude Launched on Etsyin the UK

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Da’Due, a family-owned haircare company, has launched Da Wax. The men’s hairstyling aid provides a strong hold, matte finish, and natural look.

The best hair wax called Da’Wax from the Swedish brand Da’Dude was launched on Etsy in the UK. Da’Dude was founded by a married couple, Gary and Angelika Young, who decided to create a hair styling product range for men.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting

Da’Wax is their best selling hair wax. It promises to deliver a strong hold and a matte finish. The company believes it will sell well on Etsy due to its eye-catching packaging and effective results.

The wax is available in a 100ml tub and comes in an attractive and eco-friendly bamboo wooden packaging. It is suitable for all hair types, including thick and thin hair types, and is paraben-free.

The recently launched wax is made with high-grade ingredients sourced from Europe, including an SPX beeswax formula, which gives it a putty-like feel and enables customers to work the wax into their hair without residue or weighing the hair down.

The product has a fresh, attractive scent, is free from residues, and is also easy to wash out. It offers a strong hold that is designed to last all day and provides a natural look and a matte finish to the hair, that is weather-resistant.

As part of the launch, individuals can purchase the hair wax on Etsy UK for £22.99. They will receive an eco-friendly hessian gift bag with their order and free shipping is available to the UK.

Shoppers can also purchase the item on Amazon by visiting It is not available to shop in any high street store.

Customers are advised to use a pea-sized amount of the product and to work the product through their hair to enjoy a strong all-day hold. Full application techniques can be found by visiting

A past customer says, “This hair wax is worth every penny. Not shiny, totally matte effect, super strong and really nice fragrance.”

Da’Dude is a small family-owned hair care company based in Sweden. They develop and market products for men and women., Selling exclusively online. Namely, Etsy, eBay, Amazon and their e-commerce store at

Da Wax will last several months and makes the perfect gift for husbands, boyfriends, and dads.

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