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(Newswire.net — January 11, 2021) — Zsolt Nemeth is a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing businesses truthful and validated information about bad-actors in the IT industry. It is the first of its kind non-profit digital newspaper and investigative company focused on financial crimes. Through the years they learned that many investors are tricked to financially back dubious persons. These individuals established methods to channel investors’ hard earned money into their own pockets and legally shield their harmful acts and scams behind offshore entities or simply behind the corporate shield.

The journey of the investigative company started when they were notified about a hungarian serial entrepreneur, Zsolt Nemeth who had been doing harmful acts over years. In 2016 he falsely claimed his involvement with venture capital firms trying to trick companies into acquisitions or sell of shares. His efforts failed and left unpaid legal fees and damaged reputation on the table.

In 2017 he started an IT security company called R3security, where he accumulated eur350k+ investment and unpaid third party bills before he decided to shut the project in mid 2018. Since then multiple questionable actions of Zsolt nemeth came to light: he transferred company assets between multiple offshore entities, suppliers were contracted with different companies with no zero revenue or aim for payment, claimed clients and partnership never materialized. His acts are under investigation by the police and prosecution in multiple jurisdictions.
All the legal matters did not scare him to simply rename the old R3security project to R6security aka Phoenix DNS in 2020 to start his fundraising again.

A clear damaging behavioural pattern of Zsolt Nemeth can be seen and this highlights how poorly startup and tech investment due diligence is performed. The non-profit digital newspaper finds that the whole tech investment scene is a breeding platform for fraud, that can be easily misused by bad actors. It is mandatory to weed out people like Zsolt Nemeth to avoid loss of funds, and increase support towards credible funders and companies. This is why the team decided to support the community and investors with validated, truthful information to stop people like him.

The news section is showcasing their own research and also global aggregated information about people with suspicion of financial crimes, investment fraud, money laundering and tax evasion.

They also offer top of the shelf tailored investigative services for defrauded investors. They are well suited to identify and validate criminal acts and to perform in-depth due diligence potential to filter out bad actors prior an investment commitment.

If you want to provide information about potential fraud and misuse of funds you can do it fully anonymous with the platform. It guarantees to review each submission and to publish the finding if credible information is found.  

For more info check outwww.zsolt-nemeth.com
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