Sydney Real Estate Vendor Advocacy Private Treaty Advice Services Launched

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Elaine Davies, a Sydney-based property coach and real estate buyer’s agent, launched a vendor advocacy service, preparing clients to sell their New South Wales properties with confidence.

Sydney-based real estate buyer’s agent and property coach Elaine Davies has launched a new vendor clarity coaching program to provide clients with vendor advocacy services. The new program by New Road Property aims to reveal vital real estate secrets to local clients, providing them with an advantage in selling properties.

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The new service is launched to enable clients based in Sydney and surrounding New South Wales areas to sell their properties under optimal circumstances for an ideal sales result.

The service begins with agent recommendation, which takes into account the client’s life stage, requirements and situation. It also assesses the current market in addition to the location and price point of the property for sale. Depending on location, advisors can visit the property in question to provide verbal and written feedback on creating a product designed to attract buyers.

Advisors provide an extensive property price analysis in order to help clients approach their real estate meetings with confidence. Further, they help sellers to determine their property’s most suitable method of sale, including auctions, private treaties, and expressions of interest.

Clients can benefit from the in-depth knowledge of advisors, who provide a list of questions to prepare sellers for listing meetings. Afterwards, they work with clients to evaluate their level of trust with real estate agents as well as offer feedback on their fees and marketing proposals. The ultimate aim is to help clients select the campaign most suited for their needs.

“Buying so many properties gives us a bird’s eye view of how real estate agents work, negotiate and sell their properties under all kinds of different pressures and conditions,” said a spokesperson. “We know which ones generate positive results and negotiate every last cent for their vendor. Align yourself with the right agent from the get-go and you’ll be in safe hands whether the market is hot or cold.”

Elaine Davies founded New Road Property as a haven of education, ideas, support, guidance, and empowerment for buyers and sellers. With the latest announcement, her company continues to serve clients with property expertise, negotiation skills, and expert vendor advocacy built on decades of experience.

Interested parties are invited to visit the above-mentioned URL for more information about the new vendor clarity coaching services.