Hyvve, Association and Events Content and Engagement Platform Launched

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Alexandria, VA based Victory Productions, LLC has announced the launch of its proprietary Hyvve platform. Hyvve aims to help Associations and event organizers create buzz year-round about their brands by creating, distributing and delivering content from a single platform.

Alexandria, Virginia based technology organization Victory Productions has launched its revolutionary digital ecosystem, called Hyvve that allows Associations and Events to streamline communications, feed collaboration, distribute impactful content and deliver commerce to and from their audience from a single platform.

More information is available at https://victoryprod.com

The newly launched Hyvve is designed to help organizations create buzz around their brands and events all year round. The platform is available in both mobile and desktop format.

Victory Productions announced its Hyvve platform’s launch as part of its efforts to help its clients grow their events and gain deep immersive engagement year round with their Association’s members and audience. With the Hyvve digital ecosystem, users can effortlessly collaborate with peers gaining valuable much needed knowledge to grow their businesses.

Hyvve is an easy-to-use, intuitive platform that allows organizations to customize their experience by selecting features that are most important to them. Also, by migrating their branding and some of their marketing activities into the system, organizations can conserve energy and truly focus on tasks that move the needle.

In addition, Hyvve offers organizations the option to integrate their existing website or virtual platform to Hyvve, enabling them to create their own deep immersive single digital ecosystem.

Hyvve features a content management system that allows users to create, curate and moderate content within the platform. The robust data collection enables users to understand the utilization of content within the system. And with the behavioral tag feature, they can easily segment their audience to enhance their messaging effectiveness.

Bill McGlade, CEM, Victory’s Founder/CEO states. “Hyvve gives Associations and Events the ability to truly create and extend the life of their events by allowing user generated content through the social walls feature in Hyvve. This is been discussed for so many years and now, more than ever, we need to keep the momentum of events moving forward.”

Over 50 features available and all included with purchase of the platform. A Free trial is available at signup.victoryprod.com

Interested parties can learn more by clicking on the website mentioned above.