Nonprofit Legacy TV Community Organization Growth Strategy Show Announced

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A new TV show has been announced, based on The Nonprofit Legacy Book. Led by Tajala Battle-Lockhart, the show will help viewers to improve their work and life with actionable tips and strategies.

Taj Consulting & Events has announced that The Nonprofit Legacy Book will be coming to TV. “The Nonprofit Legacy – Conversations with Taj” aims to create exposure, raise awareness, and promote sustainability through engaging and eye-opening discussions.

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The newly announced TV show will see the success of the book translated onto the small screen. It is the latest in a range of events from Tajala Battle-Lockhart, who is a certified hospitality educator with a passion for training.

She has worked as an educator, leader, mentor and speaker, and is also the author of numerous books. The Nonprofit Legacy is one of her most popular offerings, and it’s for this reason that the book is being turned into a TV show.

The Nonprofit Legacy is a compilation of 14 award-winning Nonprofit Executives sharing their stories of community work as they strive to leave a legacy of service.

Led by Tajala herself, using her experience as a nonprofit executive, the book takes the reader on a journey of transparency. The specialists share the experiences that led them to achieve success, while concluding their chapters with actionable tips and tools.

In this way, the book has become a versatile and useful resource for those looking to improve both themselves and their nonprofit business. Whether readers are currently a community leader or they are thinking about launching a non-profit organization, it offers a roadmap for success.

Now the book is transitioning to the screen, where Tajala Battle-Lockhart hopes it will find an even larger audience. Viewers will discover insights and strategies that they can use to improve and better navigate their own work and life.

Tajala Battle-Lockhart is passionate about helping others to succeed. In 2020, she was awarded the Woman of Virtue Walking in Excellence award, along with the Entrepreneur & Women in Business award.

Full details of the original book and the newly announced TV show can be found on the URL above.