Stay At Home Mom Mom Launches First Ever Fully Ventilated Bee Suits For Children

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A new beekeeper suit for children has been launched by Mama Bees Homestead Supply. It’s the latest product designed to offer the best quality beekeeping products for kids at affordable prices.

Kimberly with Mamma Bee’s Homestead Supply has launched a new ventilated beekeeping suit with gloves for children. This bee hives and supplies starter kit features a premium bee suit for children, with fully ventilated design for superior comfort.

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The newly launched product is the latest in a range of high quality items available through the Mama Bees Homestead Supply online store.

Mama Bees Homestead Supply is a home-based business run by a mother of six, who has utilized the internet to serve other families who have a passion for beekeeping with their kids. She wanted the freedom to work from home, spending more time with her children while still offering her customers high quality beekeeping products that they could rely on.

The business grew following her completing The Rainmaker Challenge, which gave her a step by step plan to put all her business strategies online in pursuit of success. Her focus was on creating a business that offered quality beekeeping products, and she followed the 7 day training with the intention of building an online Amazon brand that could turn a profit.

The Rainmakers Academy taught her how to build her own brand and develop a hands off passive income product shop on Amazon. With the impact of the pandemic affecting many families, and even her husband losing her job, they decided to take a big bet on themselves.

They used their 401K to seed the business, and set aside six months’ living expenses. This enabled them to launch and scale from zero to eleven products and two brands in less than a year.

The Rainmaker Challenge is a 7 Day training program designed to help motivated moms like Kimberly to create additional income streams online through launching private label product brands on Amazon FBA. The next challenge starts soon:

Kimberly from Mama Bee’s Homestead Supply states: “The freedom to work while my littles rest is a gift. I’ve tried the other way: trading too few dollars for too many hours away from my babes. I’ve learned that I am capable of far more than I ever imagined. I’ve learned there’s wisdom and power in community.”

Following the success of the business, the family encourages other stay-at-home moms that there is no better time than now to consider creating their own company. Through e-commerce, mothers around the world are able to create income through a brand that is close to their heart, while providing for their family.

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